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Venus in Different Houses

Venus in Houses

Effects of Venus in Houses

Venus is a planet that is associated with love, romance, sex, beauty, music, dancing, and recreational activities. This star is also known as the Morning Star and may be easily identified when seen in the north early in the morning with the unaided eye.

The brightest planet in the sky is this one. Taurus and Libra are the two zodiac signs ruled by Venus. In Pisces, this is exalted, while in Virgo, it is debilitated. Attraction, love, riches, knowledge, and prosperity are all associated with this planet.

Textiles, ready-made clothing, cuisine, restaurants, hotels, tours and journeys, music, theater, poetry, literature, movies, sex industry, actors, actresses, beauty parlors, jewelry businesses, cosmetic stores, costumes, astrology, paintings, photography, and other creative labor are among the professions ruled by Venus.

Venus’s position in the horoscopes of both wife and husband is also used to assess married life pleasures and luxuries. If Venus is not well-placed in a person’s horoscope, he or she will have a lack of physical appeal, agreeable demeanor, and a proclivity for love or married life failure.

When Venus is afflicted by the presence or aspect of malefic planets, the same thing happens. Venus is in charge of the eyes, nose, chin, throat, sexual organs, kidneys, bladder, and other bodily functions.

A Venus that isn’t in the right spot shows that these components aren’t working properly. Venus is seen as a benevolent, feminine, and compassionate planet.

Venus also has much to do with the pleasure we get from our belongings. Luxuries (jewelry, art, and costly cars, for example), nice food and drink, a lovely residence, and a refined demeanor all appeal to Venus.

Venus in First House

The native would live for a long time, be healthy, happy, rich and spend a lot. He may look really good and have a lovely wife. He will be a man of fortunate tastes and luck. He’ll be able to do beautiful art.

He will be beautiful, particularly for the opposite sex, loves company, and a happy family man. A lousy Venus is going to make the natives creepy.

The native can be sexually promiscuous if Mars is hostile or afflicted by the chart. He may not be audacious. This is considered a good place for Venus. His younger sister/brother is well-to-do, has a vehicle, and many acquaintances.

His mother would want to be involved with entertainment groups and groups where she could have an honorary status. His kids are perfectly behaved and highly educated.

You can travel and enjoy it over vast distances. His dad may be loving for pleasure, successful in speculation, imaginative, and a sophisticated man. His elder sister/brother might be a musician or a painter, or he could be a poet.

Venus in Second House

The natives will be beautiful, charming, rich, and generous. If the planet is linked to a benign Saturn, the native save well and has a good equilibrium. He would be friendly and communicate well and be engaged in artistic endeavors that he would make a good profit.

He’s going to have lovely eyes. He wants the greatest quality meals. He may have a large family with many female relatives. He can go to a good and costly school. If the 8th house is powerful and has a good influence, the indigenous native can acquire an inheritance through a woman’s relative.

His end is peaceful. His younger brother/sister could have a covert love affair. His mother may live with a number of friends in a comfortable and affluent way. Through such contacts, their offspring may obtain prominent positions in life.

His wife could have a quiet end. His father leads an extravagant lifestyle that might sometimes lead to a disturbance of his health. In the second half of his life, his elder sisters will have prosperity, vehicles, and luxury. You could be close to the mother. His wife could have gynecological difficulties.

Venus in Third House

The native would display art and music talent. He’s going to be bright and happy. His intellect is free from bad thinking. He would have younger sisters than brothers and would have good relations. He was going to be introverted.

He enjoys traveling and can visit tourist places. Venus can write passion-like love letters to its beloved in a sign of Mars, or, under his influence. His mother could live a long time, and he might be close to her. His wife’s going to influence her.

A strong, beneficent Venus will make the natives happy. Such a Venus linked to the twelfth house will also make the natives go to a developed country abroad. It will deliver results to his mother in the twelfth house and his younger sister/brother in the first house.

Venus in Fourth House

The native is rich, with luxurious and comfortable home and a quiet and happy end to life. He was close to his family and particularly close to his mother. He’s going to own great autos.

The native also has a friendly relationship with his boss. Here, the aspect of the Moon or of the Sun’s relationship with Venus makes the natives highly fortunate.

It’s good for the children’s riches and happiness. It makes the woman social and involved in communal or artistic circles. It will give his mother the results of her placement in the first house.

She could be stubborn but looked good. It will give his younger brother/sister the outcomes of his placement in the second house.

Venus in Fifth House

The native has good and beautiful kids, and his first child looks particularly good. He’s going to have more daughters than sons. He’s going to be affluent. Speculation and wise investments will make him a good profit.

He’ll be both intelligent and beautiful. He will love pleasure. If the third house or Mercury is involved, it may be good to use it to compose extended stories or novels.

If Saturn or Rahu influences Venus here, he will not succeed in love and can endure shame due to such things. He may possibly be a lonely lover who grieves for his beloved long gone. He may hold a position of confidence.

His mother’s uncle is a wealthy and prosperous man. He will give his younger sister/brother the results of his placement in the third house, in the second, to his mother, and in the first, to his children.

Venus in Sixth House

The native will maintain good health and will work in the arts. He was gourmet and friendly. He’s going to have loyal servants. The native can suffer from reproductive or urinary system disorders and can be caused by excesses that the native person is likely to endure.

The native may not like his wife or marital problems. A severely affected Venus here could indicate the wife’s death. He and his wife both have secret and licentious love affairs. He may have enemies who continue to trouble the natives.

These foes could be females. A powerful Venus ensures that the natives are free from enemies. The native may live a long time.

This is a good place for the younger sister/brother since Venus is from the third house in the fourth house. His mother might have a talent for music. His offspring are likely to be rich and eloquent, especially his first child.

His father is in charge of entertainment, fine arts, and speculation organizations. He will obtain these positions because of his extensive knowledge and relationships and not so much because of merit.

Venus in Seventh House

He gets married early and the lady is well behaved and looks good. His relationship with friends would be pleasant and he would have many pals.

After marriage, he may enjoy better fortune. Venus is the karaka for woman, marriage, and sex in a male horoscope. The placement of karaka in a house, which is what it means, is not good. His marriage may be troubled because of his sexual practices.

The wife could be short-lived. The native will be beautiful, talented, and polished. He’s going to be popular. He would gain via his wife and partners.

This place of Venus can produce reproductive or urinary problems for the native person. His younger sister/brother may usually have women’s children.

The natives are rich and artistic. His mother will lead a joyful and comfortable life. His second child might look good and be prosperous.

Venus in Eighth House

The native had a sensual character, yet he was good. He would be pleased and prosperous and gain from his business partner. His end is easy. Venus is considered very good here for Libra ascendant. The natives can die of hunger.

He may suffer from reproductive or urinary disorders. The natives can gain by others’ death. The native can experience problems because of his wife, female children, or other women, or his wife, daughter, or mother may be at risk.

If the sign in the eighth house is fixed, this signal is the most obvious in his life. His dad probably leads a luxurious life. His younger brother/sister might be fine.

His kids are rich and well-positioned in life. His elder sister/brother is a person with extensive contacts.

Venus in Ninth House

It’s a good place for Venus. The native can gladly marry a stranger. The native will adore art or polished reading. It can be gained by water, shipping, or traveling abroad.

He will enjoy children’s delight, he will be successful, and he will have many friends. After 26 years of age, he will tend to do well. When Venus is also connected to the twelfth house, it will travel to developed countries.

He will sympathize with people not as fortunate as he is and maybe engaged in charity activity. He’s going to be religious. He will have the support of the government.

It will provide the results of his placement in his father’s first house, who will benefit from his wife’s family. His kids can be in the field of art and can do well in life.

Venus in Tenth House

The native can pursue and earn a successful artistic career. He can serve under a superior woman or his profession can involve females. He can come into contact with a large number of females who fulfill his job.

He has a vast circle of acquaintances and good-natured superiors. He will have good manners and, on the basis of his contacts, he may be appointed as head of an institution. The years between 25 and 32 years of life are good.

He’ll be attached to his wife and kids. His behavior will be good, and he will show philanthropic will. He can use his profession to have vehicles.

A benign Jupiter aspect will enhance Venus’ good effects on this house. An unfavorable Moon, on the other hand, is likely to destroy the influence if it influences Venus here.

It will give its younger sister/brother results from his placement in the seventh house. This place is particularly good for the eldest sister/brother of the native because Venus is in the twelfth house of 11.

A powerful Venus from the fifth in the sixth house will benefit his offspring.

Venus in Eleventh House

The native will have many female companions, comforts, transportation, and wealth. He will gain from friends and business. He will have subservient and obedient servants. He will win the right way.

His ambitions will be met. He can trust folks with Venus-placed ascenders or the Moon in Venus signs. When the Sun favors the ascendant and is associated with Venus, the native gain is achieved by women’s friends.

When the Moon is so related to Venus or aspects, the native person is popular and wants to meet people, enjoy and have fun. His elder sister will be rich and beautiful. It will give the father and the mother the outcomes of its placement in the third house.

His kids may have beautiful wives, but their marital life is not hassle-free. His wife is smart, artistic, and fond of nice company.

This placement is beneficial to the spirituality of the native person. If this suggestion is backed by other horoscope variables, the native can make good progress on the spiritual path.

But, when Venus is placed in an earthy sign or in a sign possessed by Mars, the native must fight his strong senses.

Venus in Twelfth House

He will love sensual pleasures and riches. He would be very affluent if the planet had at least one additional beneficial planet. Such a favorable effect would also make native people selfless and willing to help others.

He will be easy to go, and he will live and love horses for a long time. He will delight in secret pleasures. Likewise, he’s going to be intuitive.

His eldest brother/sister will be wealthy and eloquent. His mother will be in the ninth house with the pleasant effect of Venus, and his father will have wealth and vehicles.

When Saturn, especially one which is negative for or is related to the ascendant, aspects of Venus, the native may engage in a love affair after marriage and be separated from his wife.

Venus in Pisces gives outstanding results when the ascendant is Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces. If the ascendant is Pisces, Venus is exalted in the first house, in the twelfth sign, the natives will live and prosper for very long. Venus does not provide adverse results in the twelfth house.

When the ascendant is Aries, in the twelfth house, Venus will be in Pisces. Such a placement of Venus will leave the native person susceptible to vision problems and expensive costs.

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