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Venus in Astrology

venus in astrology

What is Venus in Astrology?

Venus in astrology, known as Sukra in Hindu astrology, is a natural benefic planet, like the benefic planet guru in the Hindu system of astrology. In Sanskrit, Sukra means “brightness” and “potency.”

The planet Venus is the fertility god of husband, marriage, luxury, elegance, wealth, and the fine arts.

In Sukra, it is well known that the teacher of Rakshasa demons is called Rakshasa. In the planetary cabinet, the health minister is called guru, and the cultural minister is called sukra. Most likely, Sukra will aim to provide a platform for cultural growth.

One of the popular Sukras on the chart will ensure that the natives have valuable assets, discerning taste, and expert skill in the fine arts.

A Sukra with the ailment may cause problems with the endocrine system, resulting in problems with the pancreas and other organs. Propitiation to Sukra will help reconcile the couple that has broken up, as well as give the natives a mindset that encourages them to enjoy life.

Meaning of Venus in Astrology

Venus is known as the planet for all of these things, such as love, romance, sex, fashion, music, dance, and recreational activities.

Additionally, it is recognized as the Star and is easily identified when seen in the north direction in the early morning.

The brightest planet in the sky is located here. As the ruling planet of the Taurus and Libra signs, Venus rules two important signs in the zodiac.

In Pisces, it is strong and effective, while in Virgo, it is weak and ineffective. This is the world of attraction, passion, wealth, wisdom, and prosperity.

Within the scope of work governed by Venus include textile industries, ready-made clothes, food, restaurants, hotels, tours, music, the theater, literature, cinema, the sex industry, the film industry, actors, actresses, beauty salons, jewelry stores, cosmetic shops, costumes, astrology, paintings, photography, and other artistic work.

According to astrology, married life is full of happiness and opportunities if Venus is positioned favorably in the horoscope.

Venus tends to be in a very prominent placement on any given map, and hence, a person with Venus positioned in this manner would usually possess many issues, including being unattractive physically, having awkward social skills, and having an abundance of difficulty finding love or getting married.

It is exactly the same in the case of Venus being affected by the presence or aspect of malefic planets.

Venus rules over the eye, nose, chin, mouth, sexual organs, and kidneys, as well as bladder.

If the Venus sign is poorly located, it suggests that certain areas of the body are in poor condition. The planet Venus is known to be a benevolent, feminine, and gentle planet.

Significations of Venus

Names: Kavya, Bhrgusut, Aachcha, Asphujit, Danvejya, Bhrgu, Sit, Bhargav Soonu, Achcha, Daitya guru, Kaan, Kavi, Ushna, Ratna, Daityakritvik, Pundareek, Dheeshnya, Daityacharya, Ritu-Arundhati.

Letters: ch cha ja jha nja.

Nature: Vasanta, happy, beautiful figure and eyes, poet, curly-haired, limbs and body huge, body the color of Durva sprout, lovely in look, broad eyes, wind and phlegm in composition, clad in variegated color garments, acid in taste, he has treasured his virile strength, black curled hair, moving in the world of serenity

Venus has allies in Mercury and Saturn, neutrals in Mars and Jupiter, and rivals in the Sun and Moon. Venus is exalted at the 27th degree of Pisces and the 15th degree of Libra.

Deity: Lakshmi, Indrani.

Relatives: Relationships between women, wife’s appearance, and wife.

Human Body: chin, cheeks, Eustachian tubes, aural ducts, reins, veins, ovaries, internal generative organ, kidneys, uterus, pancreas, appendix, ears, eyesight, urinary system, lachrymal (tear) glands, intestine, semen.

Diseases: Trouble in cohabitation, exudation of sperm, jaundice, rickets, disease of the generative organ, loss of bodily splendor due to intercourse with courtesans, eye trouble; urinary, windy, phlegmatic diseases, carbuncle, laziness, tiredness and exhaustion, eye diseases, diabetes, appendicitis, sexual disorders, endocrine (hormonal) disorder, typhoid.

Dangers: Witches, female spirits, and female deities are all things to be afraid of.

Persons: Ministers, wealthy, young, handsome, popular, charitable, lustful persons; leaders, celebrity, elephant riders, learned, Cupid; progeny, women, learned in Shastras, mate, break off friendship with a dear friend, ministers, wealthy, young, handsome, famous, charitable, lustful persons; leaders, celebrity, elephant riders, learned, Cupid.

Professions: Potters, dealers in gold, cattle, precious stones, apparel, textiles, treasurers, makers of toilet accessories, scent dealers, florists, flower sellers, clothiers, embroiderers, fancy dealers, pastry-cooks, confectioners, butlers, sweet makers, maid-servants, musicians, painters, singers, actors, cinema artists, instrumentalists, dancers, artists of a variety of media, musicians, painters, singers, actors, cinema artists, instrumentalists.

Actions: Carnal lust, jesting, education, dance, sweet talk, trade, literary service, amorous pleasure, poetry pleasure, sexual union, addiction to many women, sport.

Abstracts: Prosperity and wealth Charming voice, festivity, triple symphony (unification of song, dance, and instrumental music), comforts, reverence in assembly, respect, honor, humor, humor, drama, music, sleep, enjoyment of music, literature, and the arts; strength, grace, facial glow, women’s favors, joy, love affairs, attachments, pleasures, performance.

Qualities: Good manners, gentle manliness, jealous nature, makes pleasant in his reverse motion, style, caring, sensuous and mental beauty, cultured, hopeful, light, poetical.

Animals: Ox, goats, elephants, and a variety of birds

Eating: Those who only eat processed, purified foods and indulge in sweets.

Plant Life: Gallo chum tree, Guru tree, coconut, sandal tree, holy fig tree, nutmeg (Jayphal), orris root (Vach), sandalwood, lotus, coconut, cow gram creeping vine, flowers, fragrant flower, all juicy and tasty fruits, fig, tobacco, rubber, cherry, white poppy, chestnut, apple, Asoka tree, jasmine, cotton, dandelion, gooseberry, pomegranate.

Objects: Scented letters, cosmetics, scents, hoarded products, items of art and fashion, white dress, handicraft, raw, gold, clothing, jewelry, gem, necklace, cow-dung, marriages, perfumes, fortunes, money, coins, adornments, sandalwood oil, condiments mica

Places: Garden, bedroom, sofa, home, and automobile

Skills: Mesmerize the king, use sorcery, siddhis, fine arts, poetry, and astrology.

Venus Traits in Astrology

It has dark curly hair and stunning eyes and is very attractive. Long paws, a wide chest, prominent shoulders, large thighs, and a clear complexion characterize this creature.

It has a rajasic disposition, is very lucky, and enjoys wearing brightly colored clothing. It is intelligent, cheerful, and sports-obsessed.

Venus is the demons’ instructor. It has a tranquil atmosphere. It travels on a white horse. It is dormant.

Venus Planet Relationship with other planets is as follows:

Friendly withMercury, Saturn
Neutral toMars, Jupiter
Inimical toSun, Moon
Venus Planets Relations

Venus is the KARAKA for the following:

   Kidneys, buried treasure, wealth, conveyances, clothes, music, wife, concubines, sexual pleasure, and bed.

It REPRESENTS the following:

   (I) In this context, ornamental objects, perfumes, flowers, abundance, weddings, southern east, beautiful, com­fort, art, dance, pastimes, the demon gurus, ministers, paintings, luxuriousness, multicolored objects, diamonds, places of entertainment, restau­rants, cinema houses, theaters, bedrooms, water, and brahmin.

   (ii) Having a taste for, enjoying, indulging oneself, getting along, peace, intimacy, beauty, an aesthetic sense, grace, gentility, happiness, pampering, charm, affability, easygoing, and cooperation.

   (iii) Semen, genitals, fair skin, face, chin, cheeks, eyes, throat, and the propensity to look sideways like a shy damsel all begin to emerge around the age of 15 and age 25, it is accurate to say that you have the characteristics of being either a woman or a man.

   (iv) People concerned with entertainment, pleasure, and beauty are commonly referred to as “jewelers,” “actors,” “musicians,” “perfumers,” and “artists.”

   (v) Anemia, disorders of the urinary or reproductive system, broken relationship, and impotence or difficulty having natural sex relations are some negative health conditions associated with falling in love.

Venus is naturally helpful. It grows to the head. Jeeva is symbolized by this statue (animate creature). There is a considerable influence in the fourth building. When placed in the seventh house, it is not healthy, and when placed in the sixth house, it is powerless. Like Jupiter, it is inclined to the Sama appeal (reason).

When Venus is in the presence of Mars, it evokes passionate feelings and manifests a healthy and fulfilling level of sexuality and sensuality.

It is likely that Venus and/or Jupiter will interact with each other to facilitate true love, elegance, learning, purity, and general well-being.

A Venus positioned well in a horoscope promotes good fortune and a fruitful career.

When Venus is plagued by Mars or Saturn, it decreases the lifespan of the wife, induces marital strife, and widens the gap between husband and wife. Inhabitants usually find their family life disrupted by new residents.

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