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Sun in Different Houses

Sun in Houses

Effects of the Sun in Houses

In Vedic astrology, the Sun is the King of our Astrology System. In Western Astrology, all forecasts are created in different signs on the basis of the Sun’s movement.

Sun-ruled natives have a round face with honey-colored eyes. The Sun represents courage, father, and political status in Indian Astrology. The heart, eyes, and bones are thought to be the body parts of the Sun-ruled human being.

Life on earth is maintained by the presence of the all-powerful Sun. Without the Sun, there would have been no life on earth. Astrologically speaking, the Sun is the center of great power, and because of its enormous gravity, the planets orbit around him.

The sun is certainly the Almighty Lord. He is Prana and plays an important part in human life.

All the planets are rotating around the Sun in distinct orbits in our solar system. The sun offers life and light. All planets are energy-dependent on the Sun. He is the most powerful of all our solar system planets.

The Sun’s rays power all of the energies on Earth. Because of this authority, he is regarded as the King or Father of our solar system. The sun is the only source of energy and other planets reflect only the light of the sun in our solar system.

The Leo sign represents the Sun in our Zodiac. Natives born with the Leo Sign as an ascendant or Moon Sign are brave and dominant in the quality of the Sun. The Sun is a person’s ego and self. As Sun, the government and authorities are represented.

Sun also plays a major part in producing significant yogas such as Vashi Yoga, Ubhachari Yoga, and Vassi Yoga in the chart.

The Strong Sun in the chart shows a strong mental composure with an authentic position that ensures steady relations with others. The weak Sun is untrustworthy due to bad mental conditions. With Saturn and Venus, the Sun doesn’t feel comfortable. For him, Mercury is neutral.

The sun is exalted at 10 degrees in Aries and weakened at 10 degrees in Libra. The sun is supposed to be amicable with the Moon, Jupiter, and Mars.

Sun rays are associated with human beings’ innermost spirit. The Sun is therefore represented as the soul of the universe, which represents the strength of life on earth. The Sun was described in Vedic Astrology as the soul (Atma) of all beings.

Sun’s favorable placement promises success in life, especially in the work the professional field. The sun should also give enormous political power and glory.

Unfavorable positioning can make a person haughty and can cause emotional and mental problems. Pessimism and humiliation by others become a part of life.

Sun in First House

This is a good position and it will give good health if no detrimental element exists. The natives will have good government relations. His father will be respectful and obedient. His wife comes from a well-to-do family.

He is going to be in good contact with the individuals in power. He is morally upright and has a religious or ethically proper approach to life. He’s going, to be honest, and magnanimous. Such a sun is highly advantageous to the native’s younger sister/brother.

The younger sister/brother is in a good position, rich, and has friends in high places. It will also make the mother of the native person religious and she will make pilgrimages. His children are going to accomplish well at the highest study levels.

With this connection, you can also go abroad. If the sun is placed unfavorably in the first house, it will make a person aggressive, impulsive, unforgiving, ambitious, proud, impressive, and impatient. I-fr will be full of vitality, bald, tall, slender, and maybe suffering from headache, but will enjoy good health throughout.

During childhood, health may stay indifferent. He will probably gain from bovine animals. The indigenous natives will have a limited number of children.

Sun in Second House

If unfavorable, the Sun in the second house struggles for money and may have to face government expropriation of riches and property. This Sun will not make the native’s younger sister/brother ready for his father.

His father will be in service, not rich, and constitutionally weak. The younger sister/brother is susceptible to physical deformities or eye problems. The sibling may not also be morally upright and deprived of children.

If the sun is good, properly situated, and powerful, the natives could become very rich. He may gain from the government and from the trade-in copper, gold, and other metals or otherwise. He may have mouth and face diseases.

It’s hard for him to learn and he can’t express himself adequately. He may not be adequate in his relationship with his immediate relatives. If the Sun is in a good position here, it will provide the superiors favor, inheritance, and good eyesight.

Such a sun will bring wealth to the native, high-ranking mother and her children. The children are going to be well-behaved. In her middle years, his wife faces a critical period. A good sun with a powerful second house will be a good signal that she can expect her legacy.

Sun in Third House

This place of the Sun stresses the bond with younger brothers and sisters and other relatives. Some of his younger brothers, sisters, neighbors, or colleagues can achieve significant levels in life. It can also lead to a sibling’s early death.

The native would nevertheless be fortunate, high-minded, good, attractive, learned, successful, intellectual, courageous, and authoritative. In connection with his business, he can travel a lot. In the field of publishing and editing, he will succeed.

He will be pleased to have good servants. He will tend to associate with rough or unwanted people. His mother is interested in the occult or volunteers at charities, hospitals, or asylums. His dad will succeed in litigation and will perform well in life.

Sun in Fourth House

The native would be a government employee. An unfavorable Sun in the fourth house causes problems with his mother and the boss of his native; he will not be happy in life, especially at the end of it; he will not be peaceful and will give up his property if the Sun in this house is weak.

Such a sun is not good for the fortune of the father and his younger sibling. He may suffer from heart and excessive blood pressure. There would be various residence changes. A powerful sun will bring the natives abroad success.

He’s going to fulfill his dreams. He has real property and is highly educated. Towards the end of his life, the native would have honor.

This is a good position for the wife of a native. It may be of good and pious behavior or highly situated in life depending on the Sun’s influence and on the sign-in which it sits.

It will produce the outcomes of its placement in the first house according to its strength and nature for the mother of the ascendant.

This fourth house position of the Sun is not good for the native children. You may have heart, eye, or stomach problems, or lead an unexpected life.

Sun in Fifth House

In the fifth house, the sun, if weak and afflicted, leads to tension with children or their premature demise. Although the native is exceedingly clever, he is predisposed to adore things that can bring him humiliation.

He will do it riskily and unproductively. He is impatient to dispose of. The native person will probably suffer from heart and stomach illnesses, especially if the house and Leo are weak and afflicted.

The Sun is weak and poorly placed in a navansha owned by the malevolent planet and the owner of the fifth house. A powerful Sun will put the native person in contact with highly-ranking individuals who are friendly to him.

The native is probably academic and has some older brothers. A native’s elder brother will achieve a good position in life. The younger sister/brother of the native will do well in life.

Sun in Sixth House

This shows the native would work well in the service, serve others, and have a successful career. His special branch of study is likely to include medicine or chemistry.

The native will be disturbed by his enemies but will overcome them successfully. Although the native will have good vigor, he’s generally worried about his health. Financially, he’d be OK. The health of the native’s wife is not good.

The natives of quadrupeds would be endangered. The family of his mother will have problems. During the major or subperiods of the Sun, the mother can generate tension with her younger brother/sister. The natives will have an increased hunger for sex.

This is a good place for the sun. Early in life, the native will be susceptible to fever and eye problems. A weak and afflicted sun could cause the native to be humiliated by his enemies and lose the litigation. It will provide his children with the results of their placement in the second house.

A kind and powerful Sun is appropriate for the service of the native parents. The dad could be at the service of an alien. This Sun can make the native’s elder sister/brother learn about occult affairs.

Sun in Seventh House

The sexual urge is high and there is some restlessness in the native person. A weak sun will indicate that problems with his marriage could occur later in his life and the native’s wife may not maintain good health.

She’s going to be worthy and proud. Even a slightly contaminated sun might be troubling for the native’s happiness and harmony. The natives can suffer from women’s humiliation and insults. He could contradict the government.

He may have issues with his younger sister/brother as a result of his children, or he may not have any children at all. The Natives can travel abroad. His business and collaboration may be problematic. He’ll have colic and digestive difficulties.

After marriage, a goad Sun makes the native successful, popular, and attractive to partners. The native person can resolve disputes by means of arbitration and thereby avoid litigation.

This is a good Sun position for the children and the native father. It will yield outcomes of its placement correspondingly in the third and eleventh houses.

Sun in Eighth House

This position is a sign of eye disorder, especially in the right eye. The native is susceptible to fever. He seldom has friends and his relationship with his father is tight.

However, his health is good, although the life span may be the only medium. It can lead to family separation, loss of riches, misery, and expensive costs. Natives probably tend to have sexual promiscuity with strangers in particular.

The native will receive inheritance or money through his wife. This shows widowhood in a woman’s horoscope.

The native may perish by a heroic act. In his middle age, he will face a critical moment. Indigenous people can die of fever or fire. A favorably disposed Sun might make the native scholar or be deeply interested in the occult.

Sun in Ninth House

This position guarantees success and gains through extended travel, but, much like the previous one, shows terrible relationships between the father and religious president.

The dad may die early in life. Native relationships with his younger sister/brother may also get tense during the Sun’s major or sub-periods. The native would be interested in law, religion, and philosophy if the Sun is favorably positioned and has a good influence.

He may have tight relationships with universities or law firms. After 21 years of age, he will tend to do well. In his field, he would gain respect, be prosperous, fair-minded, and comfortable.

He will pursue higher education effectively. He’s also going to travel abroad. His children may be worried about their children.

Sun in Tenth House

The Sun makes the person brilliant, learned, famous, rich, and self-assured when favored, in the tenth house. By doing mental work, he would earn his livelihood. He would be a man’s lead and succeed in his career.

Such a sun gives him prosperity, respect, reputation, and fame. The native will earn a good profit from his profession and will hold responsible positions, and he can also be in government. He can be concerned about his mother’s issues.

He will have satisfactory relations with his father and the father will live for a long time. He might live away from his parents.

During his life, he may have had an ungovernable or disturbed mentality. He could live in a place apart from the place. The native is exceptionally lucky in his 22nd and 70th years. It will provide the father with results from his placement in the second house.

It is an excellent placement for native children. The oldest child could become a physician. The native may not have a younger sister/brother if the Sun is the owner of the third house, and Mars is weak in the horoscope.

When the combination stated above is affected by Mars, some of the younger brothers/sisters may die at an early age. The native’s elder brother or sister may not be rich. It will provide his wife with the results of her placement in the fourth house and his father in the second house.

Sun in Eleventh House

This position is excellent for the native’s material wellness. The Sun is a sign of successful investments and good income. It also ensures that ambitions are achieved.

The native will probably gain a fortune. This is a detrimental position for the eldest child. It is likely to trigger the native’s mental unease because of his children. Without much work, a good reputation, and a position, it promises success.

The natives may not be politically friendly. His wife’s going to look good. His allies will be well-positioned and the natives will be helped and supported. He will enjoy favors from his superiors and will be in the government’s good books.

The results will be given to the elder sister/brother in the first house, his wife in the fifth house, and the younger sister/brother of the native person in the ninth house. This is not a good position for his mother’s health. The Sun is excellent in the 11th house for the good of his mother’s uncle.

Sun in Twelfth House

The natives may live outside the country and may not be rich. This is not a good situation for father-son relationships.

The native must work hard to fulfill his ambitions and suffer from the government. He’s got a lot to do with hospitals, asylums, charities, prisons, and philanthropy. He has a successful medical, chemical or occult career.

The early years of his life would be dark. He can be offered constant yoga practice. He may be untrustworthy.

A powerful and helpful sum will be excellent for his younger sister/progress brother in his career and throughout the world. A distressed sun is harmful to native children’s health.

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