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Sun in Astrology

sun in astrology

What is Sun in Astrology?

The sun sustains life on earth. It would be impossible to have life on Earth without the Sun. The sun has a very powerful gravitational force, and, as a result, all the other planets revolve around him due to his extreme power.

The sun in astrology is, indeed, the sun and Lord of all. He is life, and he has a huge impact on human life. I shall try to make a point about the importance of Lord Sun in Vedic Astrology in this essay. All the planets circle the Sun in different orbits in our Solar System.

The sun provides light and life. All planets, particularly the Sun, rely on energy from the Sun. This planet in our solar system is by far the most important.

The Earth is bathed in the rays of the Sun, which is the source of all life’s energy. Due to this immense power, he is considered to be the solar system’s king or father. The only source of energy in our solar system comes from the sun. All other planets reflect sunlight.

The Sun is associated with the human spirit’s deepest recesses. It follows, therefore, that the Sun is considered to be the Soul of the world, and also that the Earth has life-force. The sun is represented in Vedic Astrology as the soul (Atma) of all beings. The sun is one’s self.

Having the Sun placed in an astrological chart means that a person can enjoy a measure of fame and power in all aspects of their life, including in their chosen profession.

This artifact possesses the power to bestow great political power. When a placement places a person in a position that makes him arrogant or mentally or emotionally ill, it is considered to be negative.

Life contains not just the things you have, but also what you’ve been through and everything that you’ve seen.

This Sun number is 1 as per Numerology. The significance of Lord Sun can be recognized by the fact that his presence bestows hope and energy, which are symbolized by day and darkness, respectively.

Meaning of Sun in Vedic Astrology

Sun in Astrology is often known as the Sun God known by various names such as Bhanu, Mithra, Arka, Ravi, and Surya, the Sun God is known to many names.

What’s more, Rigveda is full of praise, using many different names and virtues to describe Him. Atmakarak is (Significator of soul).

The Sun is the ultimate source of life for all else in the solar system and life elsewhere. He indicates being a father, being held in high honor, being of importance, fame, reverence, and strength.

He is an example of a living God in Rudhra Prashna (“The Gopas say the Invisible is Visible here”). Also known as the poet who sees all, he is called a Kavi. Ravi gives perceptible ideas.

There is a ceremony called Trijakalpa Suryanamaskara (an act of reverence for Ravi) held on Sundays. In efforts to atone for his sins, Ravi gives his bones stronger, treats illness like cardiovascular disease, impregnates women, makes them pregnant, and restores their honor and dignity.

While Ravi’s position depends on his ruler ship, placement, and affiliation as well as aspects in the natal map, the nature of his responsibilities differs from one ruler to the next.

Significations of SUN

Names: Bhanumaan, Deepta Rashmi, Chandaanshu, Bhaskar, Ahaskar, Heli, Tapan, Ark, Dinkrit, Surya, Arun, Poosa, Teekshanshu, Padminish, Adri, ChandDikshit, Nabbeshwar, Teekshnarashmi, Dhwantdhwanshi, Padmiprannath, Ushmarashmi, Ushnan.

Vowels: a e i o u.

Nature and Form: Tastes pungent, has strong bones, reddish brown skin, a dark-red form, is dressed in red, and is valiant and wrathful. Grishma (Summer), yellow eyes, square figure, fair complexion, bilious, intelligent, scarce haired, Moola (vegetable) world, lustrous, lord of the sky, honey like yellow eyed, old age, half a year, short as a dwarf, powerful at mid-day, bite, body, mental purity, lordship of country, looking upward, east direction.

Mercury is the Sun’s neutral planet. Mars, Moon, and Jupiter are his allies, while Venus and Saturn are his enemies. Sun is exalted in the 10th degree of Aries; his Mooltrikona is the first 20 degrees of Leo; and the remaining 10 degrees are in his own sign.

The embodiment of God, Lord Ram, came from the Sun. He was the embodiment of Parmatmansa (the Absolute Spirit).

Deity: Agni (god of fire), Rudra (Shiva).

Family: Enmity with father’s progeny, enmity with father and progeny, paternal relatives cause problems for the spouse and children.

Human Body: Body constitution, essential concept, left eye (in males), right eye (in females), bile, back the arterial system, spleen, physical splendor radiance.


Burning of the body, heart disease, eye trouble, skin disease, health, taste, freedom from disease, disease in the head, leprosy, diseases arising from bile inflammation, injuries from falls, pains, arms and poisoning, hyper-irritability, bone disorders, baldness, headache, typhoid, aphasia, polyps, epilepsy, sun-stroke

Dangers: Enemy, wood, fire, sword, poison; fear of sovereign, quadruped, robber, God Yama, Shiva, demigods, serpent; danger from enemy, wood, fire, weapon, poison.

Persons: Scythians, Yavanas, popular, celebrity, criminals, smugglers, cowherds, people desirous of war victory, valorous in war, cruel individuals, agriculturists, king outcast, one born to a timid woman, enemy.

Professions: Gliders; those who work with gold, government; courtiers, dignitaries, goldsmiths, jewelers, circus-trainers, theater-owners and managers, diplomacy, arbitration, mediation, political and government positions, financiers, occupations involuntary.

Actions: Any work related to God Siva, such as a trip to the mountain, Yajnas, war victory, acuteness, self-realisation, public action, enemy capture, roaming over mountains, scorch, traveling, dealing, and strenuous effort.

Abstracts and Qualities: ego, pride, arrogance, haughtiness, capacity to move forward (promotion), sacred spells, Mantra, bliss, patience, enthusiasm, prowess, courage, power, glory, purity of mind, aptitude, spiritual knowledge, genuineness, valor, intense severity, hear, good strength, hostility, physical splendor, Shiva worship, courage.

Honest, compassionate, virtuous, desirous of fame, judicious, clever in the arts, truthful, of wise counsel, and free are all qualities that the sun bestows.

Advancement of rules, goal-directed, leadership and supervisory skill, ego power, self-esteem, self-discipline, commitment capacity, decision-making, organizational ability, work ethic, crisis management, shock resistance, and risk-taking capability are all essential.

Animals: Lion, poisonous animals, serpent, quadruped.

Plant Life: Medicinal herbs, pine, grains, groundnut, coconut, saffron, orange trees, cardamom, chilies, omum (Ajwan), pepper, cedar, laurel, almond, lavender, chamomile, anise, rosemary, marigold, nutmeg, rue, herbal herbs, rice.

Objects: Gold, fire, weapon, pearl, silver, fur, wood, rough, cloth, copper, medicine, poison, bitter stuff, cattle, a red cloth, ornament, stone, thick coral cord.

Places: Devasthan, a deserted location, a hill, the sea, mountains, deserts, a river bank, a fortress, the mortal world, soil, a mountain top, and caves

Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, east of the Narmada, Kamboja, eastern Tamilnadu, Chedi, Yavanas Regions, Magadha, Mekhla, Burdwan, Kaushanmbi, Saurastra, Kalinga, stock market, stock exchange

Traits of Sun in Astrology

In addition to that, the Sun has a very masculine and dignified personality with wavy hair, large feet, long hands, wide shoulders, and a height of five foot eight inches.

Its eyes are amber, its bone structure is well-formed, and it appears as if it has an optical condition colored squaring.

It’s razor-sharp. It is capable of taking action. It is very easy to understand.

It dresses in orange or saffron colors. It’s a wanderer, never staying in one place for long. It’s all about healthy habits.

The vehicle has seven heads on a horse. This describes wise, truthful, and generous, while still being firm. It is religious and reveres the guru and gods.

Sun Relationship with the other planets is as follows:

Friendly withMoon, Mars, Jupiter
Neutral to Mercury
Inimical to Venus, Saturn
Sun Relationship with other Planets

Sun is the Karaka for the following:

Soul, self, separation, bones, illustrious appearance, king, steady temperament, represents 50 years of age and also age between 23 and 41 years, father, strength, valor, health, eyes, general well-being, and devotion to Lord Shiva.

Sun represents the following:

(i) Honey-colored skin, sparse hair, throat, brain, fever, right eye, spleen, spine, abdomen, mouth, heart, vitality, native looks upwards, consciousness, individuality, disease resistance, typhoid, meningitis, and bitter taste

(ii) Authority, aristocrats, high government officials, government buildings, manager, administrative head, captain, chief, royalty, royal favor, respect for elders, son, reputation, permanent service, father-owned company, profession, hard work, and commanding ability

(iii) Will, fortune, ambition, confidence, kindness, hope, and happiness; loyalty, optimism, expansion, splendor, deliberate act, prestige, scruples, arrogance, bluff, subtle, basic, essential, long-standing rage, success in worldly affairs, envy, pomposity, anger, domineering attitude, prominence, and determination; loyalty, optimism, expansion, splendor, deliberate act, prestige, scruples, arrogance, bluff,

(iv) Copper, ruby, gold, dhatu (inanimate objects such as minerals and metals), wood, positive, heat, summer, dry, fire, temple, Shiva temple, forest, wood, thorny plants, months of June and July, dark red, orange color, square shaped, numbers 1 and 4, east, mountains, sharpness, thick cloth, wheat, medicine, fortress, child of a coward, noon.

(v) Rudra, mantras, Yoga, Brahrma, reality, mental purity, and self-awareness.

(vi) A half-year is represented by the Sun. It rises from the back first.

It presides over Punishment.

(vii) Magistrates, masters, medical professionals, physicians, physic­ians, Kshatriya (warrior caste), and goldsmiths are all members of the Kshatriya (warrior caste).

The sun is associated with the production of heat and burning, as well as problems in the heart, skin, eyes, and all areas below the navel. Other symptoms that may accompany the infection include fevers of unknown origin.

The father-native relationship would suffer if the Sun is in an even sign and an even Navamsa.

The Sun is in the tenth house, which suggests it is heavy.

In every horoscope, the strength of the Sun signifies the strength of the spirit of the native, and so it represents divinity.

The Sun symbolizes divine authority. Guru (preceptor) and spiritual path that the native is likely to follow is derived from the nature of the Sun and Jupiter.

When the Sun is present in a house, it provides house and aids in making decisions for the house.

The native would be lucky and prosperous in his life if the Sun is favorable for the horoscope and aspects the Moon.

To conclude, we see that Jupiter and Venus forming an angle of 160° with the Sun favors the native to have strokes of good fortune every second year, especially during the 12th, 24th, 30th, and 60 of his life.

When a malefic planet aspects a favorably positioned Sun in the horoscope, the native would have trouble in his 45th year.

When the Sun transits a sign of exaltation or mooltrikona of the planet, or one held by it, the effects shown by the planet will materialize.

The native will have good relationships with the government and will be supported by the government because of the aspecting by Jupiter of the Sun in the horoscope. It will be determined by Jupiter’s nature and strength in that particular nativity. Association is another important concept when discussing aspects.

If Saturn is linked to the Sun, the inverse will be the case. If Saturn aspects the Sun, the native will face governmental government and problems. Saturn would make matters worse for the horoscope by many fold. Association is another important concept when discussing aspects.

The Sun is inherently malevolent.

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