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Rahu in Different Houses

Rahu in Houses

Effects of Rahu in Houses

Rahu represents a human being’s obsession and desire. Rahu is regarded as the head of a demon who was immortal while he was drinking nectar. What is symbolized by the house/sign where Rahu expresses his obsession with it.

Rahu is a shadow planet with no physical existence but has an impact on the earth’s living beings. Rahu/Ketu refers to the karmic desire of the indigenous past and present. Here are Rahu’s general forecasts in different chart houses.

However, the real image can only be established when you look at the other planetary position, i.e. Rahu with other planets, the appearance of other planets on Rahu, and the sign and house in which Rahu is placed. Rahu’s Rahu should be evaluated as well.

Rahu in First House

The health of the natives may be poor unless the ascendant or Rahu is well placed. He is likely in the upper region of the body to suffer from headaches and diseases. He could have an unsatisfactory marriage. His behavior and attitude to life may be unconventional.

A powerful and well-placed Rahu leads the natives to a high position and is eminent and prosperous. Rahu will form a raj yoga with the powerful owner of an angle and a triangle house, or the owner will aspect Rahu.

The native will become increasingly prosperous as his life progresses. If Rahu’s disposer is strongly put into an angle, the native will earn a fortune. Rahu in Aries, Taurus or Gemini’s first house, offers good health and riches.

Such a rain location will prevent any calamities. Rahu is an important helpful planet is placed in Aquarius or Pisces. In Gemini or Virgo, the native God is afraid and gentle and makes us comfortable. The native is slippery if Rahu is in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Rahu, or Aquarius.

If Rahu was in Leo, the natives would be rich and prosperous. If Rahu has the sign of the fifth or ninth house, the native could either have issues having children or his longevity may be poor and he or she may face life and career impediments.

The offspring may not be close and irreligious to the native person. You can play or speculate well: His younger brother/sister may be long-lived and prosperous but may have a hearing impairment. His mother might not be on her best behavior.

He will succeed in the proceedings. His brother/sister eider are capable of being efficient, good, and prosperous at their jobs.

Rahu in conjunction with a powerful maraka owner of the second or seventh house here in Sambandba has the potential to devastate the native’s wealth and even kill him.

Rahu in Second House

The native may not be able to speak well. He could speak lies and deceive others. He would be tender-hearted and opposed. Maybe he has no good relationship with his family. He may have facial or mouth diseases.

If the Moon or Sun also has malevolent planets, he may have a flaw in his vision. When the owner of the first, fifth, or ninth house is here with Rahu in relation, the natives will flourish.

Rahu would reduce the longevity of owners of the 3rd, 6th, 8th, or 11th house in Sambandha and may cause death in the major or subperiods. However, a favored Rahu with the owner of the eleventh house placed in the second house will suddenly become native.

If Rahu is connected with Rahu, the owner of or dispossessing the sixth or eighth house, the native can not create a bank balance. This is validated further if this combination is likewise connected with the owner of the second house.

Banks and other financial institutions may face trouble. A well-placed and powerful Rahu will give native status and government profits. If Rahu’s disposer is strongly put into an angle, the native will earn a fortune.

The native will experience abrupt sicknesses or he can encounter unforeseen disasters. If the 8th house is powerful, Rahu is a strong positive planet for the ascendant and connected to the 8th house in any way, then the native suddenly gains a legacy.

Such a Rahu may elevate someone to a high position, but his behavior may not be good. He can gain a fortune in questionable ways. This could potentially be the cause of his fall. His younger brother/sister may live in a far country.

His children may be lofty, but they will not be good and their dealings will not go overboard. Rahu is here, with the house owner powerful and well placed, an indication that suddenly the native will obtain fortune.

Rahu in Third House

The native person is courageous and efficient. When Rahu is in this house in Sambandha with a good planet, it removes all other negative signs in the horoscope and helps the indigenous person live a long life; however, when afflicted, it destroys brothers and causes neck and throat sickness.

An unfavorable Rahu will also cause native marriage issues. During the major or sub-periods of Rahu, the indigenous person will remain in good health. In general, Rahu’s position in the chart makes ties with younger brothers and sisters tough.

The native is a man’s leader. He’s going to be strong. He may suddenly acquire news and be criticized for his beliefs. He can travel a lot. The trips can be via air, especially if Rahu influences Rahu here. Rahu here will form a raj yoga together with a strong angle owner and a triangular house.

Rahu in Sambandha with a strong second or seventh house owner of Maraka will damage the abundant fortune of the native person and could lead to his death. For the mother of the native, this is not a good indication.

She will be expensive and she will perform certain clandestine activities which can not be deemed good. The indigenous offspring will live a long time and thrive unless a strong proprietor of the sixth or eleventh house influences Rahu in any way if the results are the opposite.

His wife is not pious or willing, but if Rahu is in Gemini or Virgo, or if she is aspected or connected to the owner of the ninth house or Mercury, she will receive sudden and unexpected profits.

Whether Rahu has sambandha with or is assumed by a strong owner of the eighth or first house, the longevity of the wife would be reduced.

The father of the native can be a man of lax morality. His elderly sister/brother may be childless or have a problem with the belly.

Rahu in Fourth House

Rahu tends to make the natives quite orthodox here. He would not be open-minded, and his mother’s connection would not be pleasant. His mother is long-lasting but usually sad. It will offer her the results of the first house placement.

Despite this, the native has transportation, land, houses, and high social status. Rahu’s fourth house on Mars is a hint that the native has a harsh atmosphere and could be imprisoned in his life.

The occurrence might be timed to the year in which Rahu alone in the fourth house is present in the annual horoscope. Rahu is a major beneficial planet here if she is in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, or Pisces.

When placed here in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, or Virgo, the native government will benefit. If Rahu is in the sign of a friend exclusively and is not unfavorably assumed or linked, it is helpful to the native person.

Rahu here in Sambandha will make a raj yoga, with a strong planet with an angle and a triangle. Rahu in the sambandha will damage the indigenous wealth with a powerful owner of the second or seventh house and can cause his death.

A badly placed Rahu will have a negative impact on the further education of the natives. His thinking may be continually disturbed or small and sluggish.

If Rahu is impacted by the fourth house, the owner of the house, the moon, or Mercury, the native may suffer from neurological diseases, mental aberrations, terror, epilepsy, or phobia.

This combination also shows that the indigenous people had to deal with disturbances or popular uprisings. A badly placed Rahu might cause disease for the native of the second, sixth, seventh, eighth, eleventh, or twelfth house’s unfavorable owner during the major or sub-periods.

It will give the younger brother/sister of the native the results of his placement in the second house. His kids might be extravagant and live abroad from their home country.

If such a Rahu influences the owner of the eleventh house or Venus (in the case of a female birth) with Rahu or with the Sun, the native’s eldest child would either lose her wife at an early stage due to death or dissolve her marriage.

The wife of the native may be an influential individual who can subsequently lose influence.

Rahu in Fifth House

An elevated or weakened Rahu will cause children difficulties. It will give the children of the natives the results of their placement in the first house. The native is confronted with love problems and gastrointestinal difficulties.

If Leo and the Sun are afflicted in the horoscope, the native person may suffer from cardiac problems. If the owner of the eighth house is involved, the native can also succeed. If the twelfth house is so involved, the native may need to be hospitalized.

His speech may be defective. He enjoys speculating or betting, lotteries, or horse racing. If Rahu’s advantageous disposer is strongly angled, gambling, chance games, and speculation will give the natives a quick increase in riches.

When the Moon is in the fifth house with Rahu, the native will be speedy and likely to lose his children or experience difficulty.

An unfavorable Rahu would be detrimental to the native’s elder sister/brother. Such a Rahu in connection with the seventh house will signal a tough-love relationship; and with the 12th, the tendency to sexual promiscuity reveals that it may cause serious difficulties for the native person.

The native finds it difficult to live and is lonely and friendly when the owner of the twelfth house is so connected.

He won’t be smart and not anxious about better things in life. In the fifth house, in combination with the owner of the second or seventh house, Rahu will cause the native’s death in his major or subsequent periods if the period of life is over.

Rahu is strong and well placed with the owner of the fifth house, a sign that the native is going to obtain fortune abruptly.

Rahu in Sixth House

If Rahu is placed in a favorable sign, the indigenous person will be able to subdue his enemies, have good health, be rich, and have a high standing.

The native works well in his work and his finances are in good shape if Rahu’s nature and condition are advantageous. If Rahu has a bad sign and weak or adverse effect, the native person will have a scandalous personal life.

Others would misunderstand him. Rahu in the sixth house is naturally evil in nature and, if badly placed or hostile in nature, in the main era of the evil planet, it may prove rather troubling.

Even if the main period of an excellent planet with such a Rahu which does not have a sambandha is current, the Rahu sub-period may be difficult.

Rahu, placed in or related to or aspected by the unfavorable Saturn in the sixth house of Scorpio or Rahu, will be a highly potent source of disease. In a circumstance of this type, Saturn would also be a planet to induce illness if there is sambandha between Rahu and Saturn.

Any house impacted by Rahu or Saturn will show trouble or disease in the part of the body that the house or sign is indicating.

Likewise, if the owner of the sixth house takes on Rahu or its aspects, the native will become sick throughout Rahu’s major or sub-periods.

The father of the native may be strong and strong, but his behavior will be unpleasant and he is accused of a breach of trust. The elderly native sister/brother faces shame and criticism and suffers from the anus or genital problems.

Rahu in Seventh House

For Rahu, this is not a good situation. The native person is willing and has no peace of mind. A malicious node in nature and under bad impact diminishes marital satisfaction and makes a native person or his wife prone to immoral activities.

In her reproductive system, she is likely to suffer from the disease. A spouse’s death can also happen. Separation is signified from loved ones. The native can spend his wealth on lax morals to gratify his senses.

A Rahu affected by Saturn or Mercury is likely to make a guy powerless. Rahu will shorten longevity and induce death during his major or sub-periods in connection with the owner of the sixth, eighth or twelfth house.

The partnership or appearance of the owner on Rahu in the fifth or ninth house here will make the native alive and prosperous. Rahu will be destroyed in this house if it is associated with or aspected by a strong owner of the second or seventh house.

The wealth of the native and his death. Rahu will form a raj yoga here linked with the powerful owner of a corner and a triangle house. Rahu will become exceedingly beneficial in association or aspect with the owner of a triangle here.

An unfavorable Rahu will make his native poor or force him to earn money illegally. His brother/life sister will also present difficulties.

His younger brother/sister may have trouble with or because of his children, while his older brother/sister may be unhappy and unreligious.

His dad is well off but may have ear or throat problems. His mother is emotionally troubled and will be dissatisfied during Rahu’s major or sub-periods. It will reveal the results of the native’s placement in the first house to his second child.

Rahu in Eighth House

For a badly placed Rahu, this is not a good position. If Rahu is in a favorable sign, in the major period of a favorable planet, he will achieve good outcomes. Your association with a good planet will likewise be beneficial.

If it is beneficial, the native could release his debts and buy movable property. After 42 years of age, such a Rahu will make the indigenous wealthy. Rahu creates illness like typhoid in this house with the owner of the eighth house.

If the house owner occupies the eighth house with Rahu or aspects of it, then the indigenous person is unwell during Rahu’s major or sub-periods. In general, Rahu in this house likes to make his children and his family and health tough for their native faces.

His finances could be mismanaged. He is going to experience humiliation and criticism. He may have smallpox, gastrointestinal problems, or rectum or testicular problems.

He has a high-development sex drive and can find satisfaction in hidden relationships with women of questionable reputation.

Therefore, it can catch sexually transmitted infections or a disease that can not be identified or cured. Perhaps he won’t live long. He will suffer from trouble caused by his enemies, and he is likely to be imprisoned.

In his 9th year of life, an unfavorable Rahu will lead the native to a terrible illness. His younger sister/brother will be happy and prosperous unless there are any deviations to the aforementioned sixth house.

It will give the children of the natives the outcomes of their placement in the fourth house. His wife has a speech problem or speaks rudely or dishonestly. His father won’t have a happy married life.

Rahu in Ninth House

A good Rahu makes the natives here prosperous and religious. If Rahu’s dispatcher is powerfully placed at an angle, the native shall suddenly earn wealth. A well-placed Rahu is good here for worldly benefits and material wealth.

The Natives can travel vast distances and can travel abroad. Rahu will induce the ninth house death of the native person in association or aspect with the second or seventh house owner in its major or sub-periods if the life span is over.

The native is not happy with his father and can give up his beliefs. His conduct might not be good. This position is not good for children’s well-being either. His wife is efficient, self-confident, tough, and tedious.

It will give outcomes of its placement for the spouse in the third house and the children in the fifth. If the third house bears a sign that is favorable towards Rahu, the younger native’s sister/brother enjoys good relations with the native and also progresses well during Rahu’s major or sub-periods.

His mother will probably have a good time in this major or sub-period. The location of Rahu will produce outcomes similar to its location in the first house for native fathers.

Rahu in Tenth House

The native would have a prosperous career but would wonder about his morality. The second part of life would be happier and more prosperous. He’d be a ruthless, well-known leader with widespread acclaim.

He may also have written skills, may not have trustworthy relationships, and maybe close to other individuals of faith and locations. The 42nd year of life is essential for the indigenous natives. He can travel extensively.

It may have some kids, but if Rahu is unblemished, the natives may perform abnormal and unfair acts. He may strive for sexual pleasure and have affairs with various women, including widows. It will provide his father’s findings from his placement in the second house.

His mother might be worried because of his father’s and his native affairs. His children can have a pleasant and prosperous life.

His wife is dominant, impatient, and psychologically disturbed. Rahu, who is placed in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Rahu, or Pisces, is a major beneficial planet for the natives here.

Rahu will form a raj yoga connected with the powerful owner of an angle and a triangle house or the owner’s expectation. Rahu, connected or aspired to by a mighty second or seventh house owner, will damage the native’s wealth and may kill him.

Rahu in Eleventh House

It’s not good for children, but it increases the number of friends. The natives are affluent, courageous, and powerful.

If Rahu’s disposer is strongly positioned in an angle or triangle, the indigenous people will earn rapid wealth.

Likewise, Rahu and the owner of the eleventh house, strong and properly placed, indicate that the native person will unexpectedly earn wealth. Rahu will form a raj yoga with a powerful proprietor of an angle and a triangular house or aspected by the owner here.

Rahu, linked with or assumed by the powerful second or seventh house owner here, is going to destroy the native’s wealth and can kill him.

Rahu, who aspired to a helpful planet in this house, removes every other negative sign in the horoscope and makes the indigenous long life.

The native can develop ear problems or can be hard to hear, particularly if the horoscope is bad for Jupiter. He can travel and live abroad extensively. A number of people may accompany him on his journeys.

The Natives will gain from people of a different religion. It places the native’s elder sister/brother in the first house and his younger sister/brother in the ninth house. His dad could be an untrustworthy guy with little wealth if Rahu is unfavorable or bad.

Rahu is placed in the eleventh house and is fundamentally bad in nature and in the period of a bad planet, if it is badly placed or if it is adversely influenced. Even if a good planet’s major period with such a Rahu without sambandha is currently active, Rahu’s subperiod can be problematic.

Rahu in Twelfth House

It boosts expenses for good or bad reasons, depending on Rahu’s nature. If the house owner of the twelfth occupies Rahu’s house or aspects, the native will become unwell throughout Rahu’s major or sub-periods.

Rahu in Leo and Rahu or Aquarius will give the Sun or Saturn a considerably larger separating power, respectively.

The native can live abroad, yet he is beneficial to nature. If the Sun or Rahu either suffers or is linked to the twelfth house in which Rahu is adversely located, the native will have eye problems. He may have an edema nervous collapse.

Natives may be affiliated with and spend money on hidden groups. His sex life is insufficient, and an unfavorable Rahu can push the local seeker’s sex past socially acceptable limits.

Because of its socio-economic situation and its connection to women, the native may have a troubled mentality and may contract debt and sexually transmitted diseases.

A Rahu like this will also have a deficiency in the native’s elder sister’s speech and brother’s, especially if Mercury is also bad in the horoscope and financially insane.

His younger brother/sister would be well placed, but he would do wrong and may suddenly tumble from a bad situation. His children may develop genital or rectal diseases. His wife’s life will be calm and secure.

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