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Rahu in Astrology

rahu in astrology

What is Rahu in Astrology?

In Hindu astrology, the North Node of Chandra (Moon) is known as Rahu. Rahu is known as Chaya Graha because he is not a material manifestation (Shadow planet).

The northern point where the earth’s path around the Sun intersects Chandra’s path is Rahu. Eclipses occur when the Moon, Sun, and Earth all align in the same plane near Rahu.

Rahu is a malefic planet that afflicts the planet with which he is associated. He represents any unexpected event, such as an accident or a lottery win.

He represents secrecy, dissatisfaction, hidden enemies, greed, and knowledge of foreign and artificial languages, such as computer languages.

Not only that, but he also symbolizes alien or foreign culture, obsessive personality, mass tragedies, and mysterious diseases. He is responsible for abortions, marital strife, and domestic issues.

Rahu is better in certain houses of the horoscope, such as the 6th house. The above issues are resolved when Rahu is propitiated on a regular basis. Accidents, snake bites, allergies, and other problems are less likely.

Rahu Meaning in Astrology

The Nodes, also known as Rahu and Ketu in Hindu astrology, are points in the sky where the Moon’s path intersects with the Sun’s apparent path. They aren’t actual celestial bodies, but their significance in astrology is well established.

It only has ahead and with no body. It’s terrifying to look at. It has a serpent-like body that is amorphous. It has a tamasik appearance, a dark complexion, and a thievish nature. It travels on a lion.

Likewise, it is a malefic planet by nature. It behaves like Saturn when it is not influenced by another planet. It rises from the back first.

Furthermore, it has the following RELATIONSHIP with other planets:
Rahu is friendly to Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, but uninterested to Jupiter and hateful to the Sun, Moon, and Mars.        

It is exalted in Taurus, has Gemini as its mooltrikona sign, and owns Aquarius 4. Gambling, social or political movements, outcasts, reptiles, snakes, snake bite, widow, and swelling in the body are all KARAKA.

Rahu Characteristics or Traits in Astrology

  1. Illness, cancer, mysterious diseases, insanity, general unhappiness, psychic disturbances, possession by incarnate supernatural beings, epidemics, alcoholism, drug-induced maladies, illusion, hallucinations, dark complexion, tendency to look downwards while speaking, skin diseases, body pain, hiccups Rahu denotes old age, as well as the age of 48.
  2. Gomed, southwest wild tribes, foreigners, non-Hindus, Buddhists, riots, general disorders, social unrest, international travels, theft, old and bad women, mass trends, diplo­macy, wickedness, execution, exile, aviation, paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother.
  3. Heart conditions, leprosy, mental confusion, foot pain or injury, and reptile bite.

The Nodes are more powerful than any other planet in the nativity because they can overcome the Sun and Moon by obstructing their light.

Rahu is thought to be Saturn’s twin. It is more powerful than Saturn. The Greater Malefic is Saturn. As a result, Rahu is the most powerful malefic planet.

When Rahu or Ketu forms a relationship with a planet, it absorbs and magnifies the planet’s power.

Insanity, criminal tendencies, possession by disincarnate supernatural entities, psychic and psychological disturbances, drug taking, alcoholism, and neurological problems are likely to occur when Rahu has relation with the Moon and other factors representing the mind (Mercury, the fourth house, and its owner), or influences them.

These conditions are also likely to result from a simple relation between a badly placed Rahu and an adverse Moon with no beneficial influence.

The Moon, which represents the mind, is obstructed and darkened by Rahu.

Rahu’s influence on the Sun can lead to indecisiveness, distorted imagination, and self-deception…

Significations of Rahu

Rahu is also knows with other names like, Swarbhaanu, Vidhuntud, Pata, Bhujanga, Ahi, Tam, Agu, Asura, Sarp, Phani, Sainhikeya.

Nature: Astringent flavour, male, tamasic, mid-day, legless, old, movable, strong at the end of a sign and in the company of the Sun or Moon, smoky in hue, wild, intellingent, windy temperament, 8 months, variegated, spotted coloured apparel Dhatu (material) planet, black in colour, tall in stature, heretic, devoid of intelligence, suffers from skin disease, hiccups, and leprosy; reviles others, uncleanliness, airy, and incendiary in nature.

Parashar considers Taurus to be Rahu’s exaltation sign, while others consider Gemini to be his sign. The correct view appears to be the mutual border of the two signs, i.e. the last degree of Taurus (30 degree) as the exaltation point, because Rahu is thought to be the strongest when he enters a sign, and because of retrograde motion, he enters the sign from the last degree.

Rahu’s and Ketu’s friends are Mercury, Saturn, and Venus. To them, Mars is a neutral planet. The rest of them are adversaries.

Rahu was the incarnation of God, the wild boar. He was a complete Parmatmansa (the Absolute Spirit)

Adishesha is the name of the god.

Relatives: Those who bring shame to the family, such as the paternal grandfather.

Diseases: Heart palpitation, leprosy, mental ailment, leg pain, epidemics, plague, cancer, skin diseases, eczema, eruptions, boils, fear of poisoning, sudden accidents, death by hanging or suffocation, incurable ailments, diseases of the feet, debility, hiccups, insanity, leprosy, hemorrhoids, chronic boils and ulcers, fever, smallpox

Artificial poisoning, goblins, snakes, limb injury, clumsiness, unfounded fears, phobias, and snakebite are all dangers.

People: primitive tribes, Muslims, untouchables, residents of mountain tops, areas, caves, Sudra, cruel, lowly, angry, ugly-looking, miserable people, ingrates, crippled, maimed people, killers and eaters of jackal flesh, hypocrites, thieves, unclean, dirty, irreligious, person fallen from righteousness, crowd, men of infamous character, scientists, mob

Boxers, wrestlers, talebearers, spies, people who live underground, aerial navigation, and theatrical professions are examples of professions.

Digging wells, breaking stones, cutting wood, switching religions, being sent to the forest, abandoning a household, having an illicit relationship with a widow, renunciation, banishment, exile, travel, emigration, homosexuality, rebellion, war, litigation, thievery, robbery, imprisonment, riot, revolt, murdering, execution, spying, violence, duplicity, political plots, cheating, irreligious and antisocial practices

Fame, honor, loss, hidden meaning, valor, strength, secrecy, secret doctrine, duplicity, falsehood, darkness, Goddess Durga’s and Vishnu’s control over Rahu

Demons, creatures who sleep too much, venomous snakes, and venomous reptiles are examples of animals.

Black gram is a plant that lives in the dark.

Objects include a canopy, lead, an old garment, potions, poisons, and chemicals, heavy machinery, a telegraph, a radio, flammable gases, and iron.

Cremation ground, anthill, chasm, barren land, graveyards, tombs, and tunnels are among the locations.

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