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Mercury in Astrology

mercury in astrology

What is Mercury in Astrology?

Budha (Mercury) symbolizes “buddhi” (intelligence), while Chandra (the Moon) represents the pure mind. According to Hindu mythology, mercury is a fruit that represents knowledge, trade, education, literature, authors, wits, lawyers, and consultants.

Buddha can either be gaining on or falling behind Ravi. It appears in many charts since it is called Budhaditya yoga. Nipuna yoga is also known as this. Nipunata allows Buddha to have proficiency in various subjects.

That is entirely up to the native in question. He has the choice of being a good detective or a thief! Buddha, because of this, is not considered to be malefic or a benefactor.

He has his coworkers’ attitudes. His wit and his knack for telling jokes come through in everything he does.

Intellect is created by an abundance of both imagination and wisdom, which is shown by the tale of the Moon holding Tara, the wife of the spiritual teacher (Jupiter).

In Buddhist philosophy, Buddha hates Chandra, which means purity and creativity have been overthrown.

Creative authors aren’t made, they’re born. When Budha suffers or has a negative impact on someone’s life, he triggers a host of mental and physical illnesses, as well as misunderstandings with family members. Buddha bestows a high intelligence quotient, a very fast reading rate, and reduces mental stress.

Meaning of Mercury in Astrology

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. Often known as intelligence, in Vedic Astrology, this is known as Budh, which means cleverness. The planet represents the characteristics of intellect, wit, and humor in an individual.

In some cases, Mercury is considered a beneficial planet, but in others, it can take on the part of an enemy planet. When Mercury is located in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house, there are no positive results.

Likewise, when Mercury is the lord of the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses in a horoscope, the same result is shown.

Although Mercury is usually considered to be the planet of communication, the fields related to commerce, trade, accounts, banking, and computers are tied to it as well.

Progress in these fields is accompanied by a strong Mercury terminal. Many who have Mercury in a high place in their chart have acute intelligence, but they also have inborn anxiety and indecisiveness.

Mercury is a planet that has a dual existence and rules two signs in the zodiac, namely Gemini and Virgo. People with Mercury in their bodies have the ability to control their limbs, ears, lungs, and nervous system. Mercury has faith in logic.

Many that have Mercury in their horoscopes are characterized by a keen intellect that combines the talents of quick analysis and solid reasoning. 

Telephone and telegraph regulations refer to communication, so Mercury controls communication-related activities such as: using a telephone, using a telegraph, sending an e-mail, delivering a package, and using a courier or postal service.

The latter characteristics (mercury’s prominence in their charts, and their charisma and shrewdness) thus apply to all, but media people and dealers in particular have a good shot at them because they are prominently featured in astrological charts, as well as businesspeople.

In addition, Mercury helps in the development of verbal contact and manual dexterity. So, as a result, many professors, artists, sculptors, and salespeople are also the result of well-placed mercury.

Significations of Mercury

Names: They are Kumara, Vidhusut, Atidirgha, Saumya, Chandraputra, Bodhana, Vit, Chaandri, Gaya, Shaanta, Shyamgattra, Taratanay, Induputra, Hemn, Gya, and Induputra.

Letters: ta varga.

Nature and Form: Good looks, a sense of humor Eunuch Jeeva planet, green as the blade of a Dhruva or panic grass, filled with arteries, the veins are red and long, the eyes are even, and the limbs are long, they are fond of fun, speak cheerfully, clothed in a green, gurgling voice, fond of joking, which contains three senses of humor: wind, phlegm, bile, and smell. Welcome the Ritu season, as it looks forward to a Hemant Ritu green color, water, directions, Atharva Veda, and religious action in the northwest quarter.

The Moon is Mercury’s enemy; the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter are friends; while Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are considered neutral. He is in 15 Virgo with Mooltrikona, and the next 5 are Gemini, with the remaining 10 being their own signals.

Buddha, the deity that embodied God, was born on Mercury. He was Absolute Spirit incarnated as Jeevamsa and Parmatmansa.

Deity: Lord Vishnu.

Relatives: A grandfather who flourished as a result of raising his children and relatives had no siblings, no nieces, nephews, or great-nephews, and no great-niece or great-nephew. cousin, nephew, niece, stepmother

Human Body: The various structures in the human body: the nervous system, skin, the navel, the neck, the pudendum virile, the brain, the bowels, the lungs, the hands, the arms, the tongue, the mouth, the nervous system, voice, digestive, the right cerebral hemisphere, the cerebrospinal system, the nose, the legs, the ears, the bronchial tubes, the throat, the forebrain, sweating, taste

Diseases: Caused by the ground, wind, bile, phlegm, and diseases that originate from three bodily senses of humor, illnesses include toxins and emotional, eye, nose, mouth, vocal organ, skin, and itching diseases.

Causes include violence, spiritual affliction; bad dreams, panic, nightmares, skepticism, delirium, memory loss, lethargy, insanity, stupidity, dizziness, rheumatism, defects of the senses, deafness, falls, bad dreams, anxiety, and many other diseases of the eyes.

Persons: Twins, Shudra, ties in commerce, factories, amateurs, servants, youth.

Professions: Grammarians, painters, astrologers, authors, dyers, chemists, humorists, fortune tellers, incantation owners, health practitioners, security guards, gemologists, messengers, sculptors, poets, spies, druggists, chemists, dancers, magicians, cave dwellers, physicians, treasuries, trading, doctors, schools, bookkeepers, accountants, postmen, telephone operators, radio and other communication media, reporters, postal service employees, booksellers, brokers, architects, moneylenders, neighbors.

Actions: The activities listed above include dancing, incantation, quarrels, water travel, fraud, deceiving others, renunciation, self-abnegation, workouts, scratching, pilgrimage, regulating carnality, as well as all the stress and anxieties that are commonly associated with confinement.

Abstracts: A sentence with multiple meanings: It’s a multipurpose sentence with elements that include artistic expression, recreation, sacrifice, religious rites associated with Lord Vishnu, a high-order spell, wise lectures, peace, a combination of different things, an amulet of soft words, Vedanta philosophy, fame, humor, Mantras, jokes, politeness, mental purity, poetic capacity, education, logical thinking, worldly success, conjugal happiness, and knowledge.

Skills and Qualities: In the field of linguistics, eloquence, skills in mechanical and fine arts, truth speaking, aptness for acquiring knowledge, wisdom, harmony, humility, loyalty, modesty, soft words, and in particular, modesty are all things to strive for.

The oldest Veda, the Vedas, mathematics, Vedanta, common law, accounting, astrology, and language of the elites all feature in this listing.

Animals: Birds, horses.

Plant Life: Vegetables, fruit, vegetables, leaves of plants, green gram

Objects: Higher awareness, gold, art, best ornament, new dress, dust, Saleable goods, medicines, food, and clothing

Mercury Traits in Astrology

Mercury has a grass green complexion, is clean, is a yogi, a rajasik, and speaks in a skilbul manner. It has a cheerful demeanor. It dons a green outfit. It is a funny creature who enjoys jokes and laughter. Its vehicle is a lion with an elephant’s trunk. It is the Moon’s offspring. It’s flexible.

Its RELATIONSHIP with other planets is as follows:

Friendly withSun, Venus
Neutral toMars, Jupiter, Saturn
Inimical to Moon
Mercury Planets Relationship

Mercury is the Karaka for the following:

Learning, eloquence, talent, maternal uncle, studiousness, Lord Vishnu, childhood, schooling, trade and commerce, truthfulness, mathematics, mates, consciousness, astronomy, humor, voice, and entertainment venues

Mercury represents the following:

   (i) Earth, prince, merchant, female eunuch, leafy trees, charms, birds, baby, partially wet cloth, play­grounds, October and November, race-courses, clubs, emerald, an alloy of metals, a mixture of objects, grass green color, north A broker, tact and diplomacy, and paper money

   (ii) Intelligence, vocation, intelligence, writing, attention to de­tails, teaching, prejudice (Buddhi), publishing, command of languages, and adaptability are all skills that can be learned.

   (iii) The skin, brain, intestines, bronchial tubes, larynx, and impo­tence are all parts of the human body. The ability to smell. Like a timid damsel in distress, you have a tendency to look sideways.

  (iv) Educators, brokers, editors, reporters, writers, painters, orators, mathematicians, accountants, insurance agents, sanitary inspectors, traders, messengers, conjurers, and jokers are among the professions included.

   (v) Mercury is associated with hypochondria, a disruption of the think-big phase, worry, the fear of something bad happening, bad speech, and diseases of the eye, mouth, nose, and skin.

Mercury is naturally neutral, but when it comes into contact with another planet, it takes on that planet’s essence and power.

Jupiter is in control of abstract thought. Mercury is associated with the more tangible aspects of it. It is a symbol of mental energy. It regulates fast-thinking, writing, schooling, knowledge exchange, reporting, journalism, and calculation.

Mercury rules the pre-adolescent stage of life after puberty, so any affliction can cause illnesses or an unhappy childhood during this period.

Mercury reflects the acquisition, accumulation, and spending of money since it is the symbol of trade and money is an important part of the trade.

A man with a weak Mercury may become naive, unreasonable, fantasy-prone, confused, inexperienced, and even crazy. It can lose its intrinsic intelligence and become dull under the influence of a strong Saturn.

Mercury is a benefic planet by default, and if it is not influenced by a malefic planet or put in an adverse sign or the sign of a normally malefic planet, it can produce results similar to a naturally beneficial planet.

Musical talent can be attributed to a Mercury that is at least averagely high and is affected by Venus in some way in the birth chart.

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