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Mars in Astrology

mars in astrology

What is Mars in Astrology?

Mars in astrology, commonly referred to as Mangal, Angaraka, Kuja, and Chavai, serves as the planetary cabinet Commander. He is the military chief. It means ‘auspicious one’ when referring to Mars.

Mars is similar to burning coal because of his rage. Mars also represents brothers and sisters, as well as a kind of aggression, fighting, sports, martial arts, or studies involving martial arts, math, numbers, or engineering. Lentils are an excellent source of fiber, manganese, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and iron.

Loans and diseases that look violent, particularly those of nerves, represent liabilities and abuse. He represents all the things that vehicles and communication skills symbolize. In Sanskrit, it is called “Bhumi’s son” (Son of Earth).

Earth-like and Mars-like features can be seen in the latest photographs of the surface of Mars. To rid oneself of the burden of debt, illness, or poverty, pray to Mars. It provides a huge amount of confidence and also gives the skill to communicate.

When Mars is placed in some locations, he induces ‘kuja dosha’ (Kuja Defects) in the natives, who are more likely to be irritable and unpleasant. For a police officer, the position of Mars planet may be considered harsh. However, for a professor, it may be seen as a curse.

Meaning of Mars in Astrology

When it comes to Mars, the primary color is red, since this planet is known to be intense and masculine by nature. Mars governs bravery and trust in a horoscope.

From a civilian perspective, Mars denotes the military, the armed forces, the warriors, the builders, the engineers, and the real estate industry. Famous surgeons have nice planets in their natal charts, too.

In modern times, marketing is also under the influence of Mars, which operates in an almost militaristic way. As well as the police, military, and para-military forces, Mars has an impact on all of these groups.

To summarize, this frequently governs those in the scientific and engineering fields, as well as those in the technical mind.

Mars people are impatient and are especially fond of arguing. MARS IN the ASCENDANT MAKES THE Individual LOOK YOUNG. Mars possesses other attributes if they are assumed to be positive, such as energy, good administrative and leadership skills, and perseverance in all areas of life.

If this is proposed negatively, it causes violence and frustration, and therefore things are made more difficult in life. The Mars Stone is red coral. Mars is malefic for Cancer and Leo ascendant natives, but Yogkaraka is considered auspicious for these two signs, and it bestows the natives with material success and wealth.

In the Zodiac, Mars rules the Aries and Scorpio signs. In other words, it has been found that Mars makes its aggressiveness known transparently while concealing its aggressiveness in a discreet manner.

The planet Mars has the power to direct desire, and its position suggests an intense and uncontrollable sexual appetite. The marriage of a girl and boy requires that Mars plays a significant role. This Manglik Dosha in Vedic Astrology is very well known.

Therefore, prior to finalizing the proposal of marriage, the boy and girl horoscopes must be balanced. The marital life of the individual can be thwarted, disrupted, disputed, and even disrupted by this dosha.

When Mars is located in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th houses of a horoscope, there is the risk of Manglik Dosha.

The factor of fire is Mars. As of now, it is known as the Minister of Defense of the Solar System. His number, which has nine digits, is numerological significant.

The Sun and Mars are both planets with high surface temperatures. Like the sun, Mars gives heat which is required for sustaining life on Earth, but like the sun, Mars’s energy and heat are potentially explosive in the extreme and can cause harm.

Many of the earth’s and humanity’s conflicts and accidents can be traced back to the warlike conditions on Mars. The explanation why the sun is classified as “very hot” but Mars has been rated as “unfavorable” is because of this.

Manufacturing of rockets, ammunition, crackers, and explosives on Mars is under the jurisdiction of the Red Planet. Its elemental composition is copper. As the planet closest to the sun, Mars dominates the red blood and the bone marrow in the human body.

Significations of Mars

Names: Rakta, Maheeja, Kroordrik, Kshitij, Roodhir, Angarak, Kroornetra, Aavaneya, Kuja, Bhauma, Kroora, Lohitaanga, Vakra, Papi, Papi, Aar, Kshitinandan, Bhuputra, Kuputra, Gotraputra, Dharaputra, Kshamaputra, Medineej, Avanis

Letters: ka kha ga gha nga.

Nature and Form: Red-eyed Grishma,  Heartless, unsteady, and forgiving, with a touch of queasiness. an angry, weak, Dhatu (material) planet, someone with a slender waist, curled and shining hair, fierce eyes, youthful appearance, and a harsh nature; however, their attitude is extremely generous; they are wrathful but also kind, and they are in the habit of wearing red clothing.

Venus, the fourth planet from the sun, is an equal partner with Saturn, whereas Mercury is neutral with regard to Mars, the fourth planet. The Sun, Jupiter, and the moon are all on friendly terms with Mars. He is at the 28th degree of Capricorn, with both the 12th degree of Aries and the 18th degree of Scorpio.

Mars’ incarnation of God, Narsimha, was known as Narsimha in the Hindu scriptures. He was Parmatmansa, the total embodiment of the Absolute Spirit.

Deity: Kartikeya, Guha (Kumara).

Human Body: Hair loss, menstruation, clotting of blood, physical energy, energy, energy, eyesight, foreheads, noses, genitalia, the gallbladder, the kidneys, muscles, and tendons, genitals, the rectum, the left cerebral hemisphere, hemoglobin in the blood, taste, muscularity, the kidneys, the spleen, and the uterus (endometrium).

Diseases: To bear wounds, be violent, experience violence, suffer violence, bear injuries, take violent actions, receive injuries, use violence, suffer violence, experience violence, take violent actions, and receive injuries, this app comprises “wounds, violence, harm by violence, harm due to violence, injuries from fire and steel, violence, weapons, poison, strangury, appendicitis, tonsils, serious surgeries, goiter, vices polluting blood, disease, fractures, diseases of the uterus, abortions, miscarriages, menstrual problems, deformities, diseases of the spleen, tetanus, carbuncle, bleeding, malaria, erysipelas, ulcer in the intestines, inflammatory complaints, smallpox, chickenpox, plague, measles.

Dangers: There are problems with the country’s sovereign, with evil spirits, and with Gandharvas.

Relatives: For more information, see the relationship to male relations, foster mother, the characteristics of brothers, battling with brothers, sons, friends, foes, family discord, illicit procreation.

Persons: People who live in the city: the Agnihotri, the child killers, the army leader, the King, thieves, the enemies, the growth of the enemies, the friends, females, the fools, the rogues, the ministers, the magistrates, the followers, the men, the headmen of villages, the masters of gardens, the flesh-eaters.

Cultures represented in this photograph include European Sikhs, Marathas, Rajputs, Christians, Jains, and Anglo-Indians.

Professions: Commander of an army, a murderer, an executioner, a goldsmith, shepherds, sinners, those who live by the use of weapons, a forest guardian, agriculturalists, the poor, jobs at the highest level Workers who use sharp instruments, such as knives and scissors, iron and steel, soldiers, surgeons, barbers, dentists, cooks, gunners, chemists, and druggists, as well as firemen, metallurgists, machine tool operators, and building, driving, and industrial workers.

Actions: Murder, operating a vehicle, slander, control of an adversary, wearing armor for combat, going to a distant place, valiant action, high adventures, quarrels, strife, treason, calumny, unprovoked attacks, unexpected deaths, honor in battle, trial, vengeance, recognition in war, intervention, the sacrifice of animals, lewdness, public opinion change, aiding the needy, alternative religions, legal troubles.

Qualities: Willingness, determination, candor, appreciation, understanding, respect, knowledge, self-respect, honor, the glow of the face, sincerity, credit, prominence, anger, independence, vigor, confidence, strong will, anger, forcefulness, zest, audacity, creativity, inventiveness, simplicity, quickness

Animals: Lion, serpent, tiger, goat, pigeon, vultures, cat, quadruped.

Plant Life: Cedar, deciduous wood, pepper, crimson lotus, maple, olive, plantain, gazelle, rhododendron, a tree, coffee, tea, walnut, tobacco, coffee beans, turmeric, fennel, bay, buckwheat, prevent, lettuce, rhubarb, coriander. 

Types of equipment: Referred to as war hardware, bombing planes, torpedoes, cruisers, battle tanks, lances, iron spade, hatchet, or sword.

Objects: Robes that have been set on fire, gold, jewels, metal, building materials, foodstuff from the ground, spiritual products, rocket fuel, petrol, nitric acid, acetic acid, arsenic acid, iodine, phosphorous, sulfuric acid, poison, minerals, land products, rubies, copper, mercury, gold, stones from Sama Veda, beautiful clothes.

Places: Burnt place, Durbar Hall, fireplace, kitchen, treasury, metal mines, fort, prison, earth, and hilltop residence

Traits of Mars in Astrology

Mars is a manly figure with a slim waist and a short stature. It has a strong build and reddish brown eyes. It has short, gleaming hair that is red and gleaming.

It is brave, a skilled speaker, tamasik, intelligent, liberal, lean, of erratic temperament, wrathful, adventurous, and capable of inflicting harm.

Mars people wear a red outfit. It is the Earth’s child. Its mode of transportation is a ram. It’s up and running.

Mars is the war god.

Mars Planet Relationship with other planets is as follows:

Friendly withSun, Moon, Jupiter
Neutral toVenus, Saturn
Inimical to Mercury

Since the signs owned by Mars and Venus are seventh and twelfth from each other, Mars dissipates Venus and stands in opposition to what Venus represents on several issues. In the above context, the two planets are in opposition.

Mars is the Karaka for the following:

Physical and mental power, earthly goods but not agricultural land, younger brother/sister, enemy, enmity, bravery, kinsmen, arms, boils, soldier, injury, sell-praise, bone marrow, and energy

Mars represents the following:

   (i) Ruthlessness, enthusiasm, generosity, boldness, misdeeds, self-confidence, will, independence, determination, argument leadership, confrontation, the propensity to look upwards, drive, wit, organizing willingness, ability to get the job done, foolhardiness, unruliness, misunderstandings, and lying are all traits that can be seen in people.

(ii) Head, muscle, testicles, sexual fertility, blood, acute fever, inflammations, burns, bleeding, miscarriage, smallpox, sunstroke, measles, surgical operations, wounds, epidemics, excessive thirst, injury from fire, poison, or weapon; dry and rough skin, fractured bone, theft, and diseases of the upper body

(iii) Battles, enemies, crime, accidents, violence, litigation, hearth-fire, fire, electricity, logic, debates, science, iron, south, cutlery, athletic performance, engineering, Dhatu (inanimate objects such as minerals and metals), quadruped, slightly burnt cloth, warrior class, Lord Hanuman, Lord Subramanya, summer, coral, deep-red, savage beasts, birds of prey, acids, tiger, wolf

(iv) Interest in the women of others, territories extending from the Krishna River to Ceylon. It reflects in the same way as the Sun does (Punishment). Mars rules the age of 25, as well as the ages of 42 and 56. Surgeons, soldiers, judges, debaters, chefs, butchers, and barbers are among the professions.

When it comes to the emotional side of human nature, the contrast between Venus and Mars is obvious: Venus is emotionally sensitive, while Mars is emotionally excitable.

As a result, Venus elicits emotional responses, while Mars elicits passions. As a result, Venus is the goddess of love and refinement. Mars is the planet that regulates crime.

Mars is a male planet. Venus is a female planet. In the birth chart or the navamsa chart, when the two merge, aspect each other, or Mars affects Venus in some way, the native’s sexuality is heightened. This is amplified if the correlation occurs in a fixed symbol.

If Mars and Ketu have an effect on the factors in a horoscope that represents the self, the native is prone to accidents, crime, and injuries.

As Mars and Jupiter work together to affect an individual’s self, he is motivated to work hard for the good of society. It is the birth of a good Samaritan. As Saturn enters Mars, the effect is the polar opposite. The native in this case is greedy and perverted, with criminal tendencies.

By its very existence, Mars is a malevolent planet. It rises from the back first.

Mars in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house induces the spouse’s early death, breakup, divorce, or marital discord or incompatibility.

In a female horoscope, Mars or a malefic planet in general in the eighth house is believed to trigger widowhood.

Every 3 years and 9 months, if Mars is afflicted in a horoscope, it will cause severe problems for the native.

At the age of 52. 5 years, if Mars is an adverse planet for the horoscope and is in aspect with either the Sun or the Moon, the native would face severe difficulties. If the native’s Sun or Moon is also infected by Saturn, he or she will die.

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