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Ketu in Different Houses

ketu in houses

Effects of Ketu in HOUSES

Another name for Ketu is ‘Rahu’s evil twin’, as it is located on the opposite side of Rahu. Rahu is the North Node, and Ketu is the South node. According to folklore, it’s thought to depict the demon’s tail. Ketu’s constellations rule the Ashwini, Magha, and Mool constellations.

As a result of our selfish and egoistic actions in the past, the South Node or Ketu is said to be a point of difficulty in our present life where we receive Karma from our past lives. Moksha or liberation and control of hidden and elusive information are associated with Ketu on the other hand.

However, only by suffering and pain can these things be obtained. Ketu is the planet that rules these houses in a natal horoscope. Although Ketu is not a real planet, it has a great influence on all of the living beings on Earth.

The Karmic Desire of Past and Present of the Native Is Indicated by Rahu and Ketu. To grant the house of exaltation to the sign of Sagittarius, our Rishis assigned the Ketu to Sagittarius as their Sagittarius sign. Ketu is allegedly located in the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Likewise, in Gemini or Taurus, it is debilitated. Ketu is known to be high in the sign of Jupiter. It is nice to know that Ketu feels at ease with Mercury, Venus, Rahu, and Rahu.

The adversaries he has to include Mars, the Sun, and the Moon. It’s well known that Ketu has a personal issue with the Moon.

Astrologers offer the sign of Ketu to planets renowned for spirituality. An individual who is inspired by the planet has spiritual achievements gifted to them. His other passions include spiritual and religious entities, as well as things like extrasensory perception and the supernatural.

A personality type with these traits possesses tremendous healing power and is able to heal using spiritual and tantric powers. If placed favorably in the horoscope, Ketu carries with it a significant measure of comfort, knowledge, and intuition.

When things are unfavorable, he can trigger anxiety, depression, lack of attention, constant worries, and problems connected to the dead.

Predictions are as follows, based on Ketu in various houses: Once all of these factors are considered, the true picture can be understood. It is necessary to examine the Ketu of Ketu as well.

Ketu in First House

The native tends to hold unsavory companions and may speak without considering his or her own well-being. His children could be worrying him. His life could be in trouble.

If found in a Satur­nine sign, the sign of exaltation or the sign of a friend’s exaltation bestows wealth and children. A badly placed placement is a poor omen for a troubled life, which implies issues with self-confidence, poor health, loss of position, and financial trouble.

Ketu, the planet situated in this particular owner, owns an angle and a triangular house, both of which grant the planet major status and control over the long term. It is possible that the native can gain supernatural abilities.

When Ketu aspects the maraka who owns the second or seventh house, it brings about the destruction of wealth and the length of life for the native. It is possible that the native is short-tempered and that he will have problems in his marital life.

Ketu in Second House

Problems in the eyes, mouth, or face, slow vocabulary, difficulty listening, and reliance on others for food all relate to Ketu’s placement in this house. Since the native may have bad ties with his family members, he might not make a good marriage partner.

However, he can speak brusquely and crudely. This all depends on the situation, as a well-placed Ketu in any of the signs of the zodiac other than Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces would be financially advantageous to the native.

In the fifth or ninth house, Ketu is connected with or aspected by the owner, and it confers long life and prosperity. It can kill the native in the major or sub-periods if the span of life has ended.

Ketu in Third House

To see the sudden Loss of his older brother and be humiliated by the rest of the associates, or to experience inimical behavior from those associates may all result from a badly placed Ketu.

The younger sibling may meet difficulties and could die before their end. In addition, it’s possible that the native can suffer pain or trouble in the arms and shoulders. He can find himself moving all over the time on a time’s notice.

A good Ketu will harm the father’s company. If Ketu’s aspects are not badly placed, people with knowledge of financial management, a solid body, and bad ties with siblings will see the effects. It will bring unexpected success and happiness to the wife when it is favorable.

The native would not have younger siblings if Ketu is aspected by an adverse Saturn in this natal map. When Ketu is found in a favorable place, the native will have a long and happy life; they will be financially secure and will live comfortably. It is likely that the native would be brave.

Ketu, which is a point in the zodiac, is associated with a particular planet here which is the owner of an angle and a triangular house. It will grant influence, superior stabs, and long-term prosperity in its most major periods.

However, Ketu is aspected by or aligned with the owner of the second or seventh house of the maraka, who causes major loss and native longevity to weaken.

Ketu in Fourth House

A threatening result is favorable, either by water, a native’s land, or by members of the native’s mother, or even in life overseas by Ketu.

The Ketu aspected by or associated with a powerful malefic is capable of killing the mother in the early years of the native’s life. The mind and thoughts of the native people would be tainted and ruined. His father’s finances will meet.

His death may occur as a result of an accident, in a violent confrontation, or as a result of wounds. He may be really upset. Ketu and a planet here are associated with an angle in the zodiac that holds an angular and triangular house.

In a sign or house, this gives you the opportunity to have influence, major status, and plenty of prosperity. The native with a Ketu in his chart has a highly spiritual disposition and will make his energy for spiritual realization.

This planet and its ruler Ketu may greatly increase the wealth of the native, particularly if the native’s second or seventh house is associated with or aspected by the Ketu owner.

Ketu in Fifth House

The Ketu can be responsible for mental derangement, loss of fetus or children, children of a sensitive disposition or susceptible to injuries, and fear of the government’s diseases in the stomach. In our study, we found that the native was self-focused.

It is possible that the elder sister/brother of the indigenous native member will be seriously injured. The native would be greatly disadvantaged. A kind Ketu will help to inspire a devotional mindset and to open doors of success in one’s life.

A Ketu aspected by a beneficial owner of the fifth house, or a Ketu that is friendly and strong is expected to reward the native by speculation or chance. The father of the native would be positively affected, or negatively impacted, depending on Ketu’s nature.

Ketu in Sixth House

When Ketu is placed in an auspicious position, the native will be compassionate, safe, and well-known, but he may not be financially well-off. He will succeed in his spiritual purpose.

A good Ketu may make the native person brazen and cause him to commit violent crimes; a good Ketu can increase the likelihood of criminal tendencies.

To put it simply, Ketu placed in the sixth house is naturally undesirable and when badly positioned or placed under bad control, it becomes very problematic in the sub-periods of a bad planet’s major period.

Even if an excellent planet is going through a major phase, with no sambandha to the current Ketu, this phase of Ketu can still be troublesome. This recipe is not good for anyone who is an elder or younger siblings of the native.

It is possible that the native would not be content in his early years. There will be no trouble from his adversaries or else he will be unmatched. An unbeneficial Ketu sits in the sixth house, as well as in the native’s chart when aspected by it.

The native may fall ill in either the beginning or the middle of the time span. Since the native would be susceptible to diseases in the rectum and teeth, they will be vulnerable to certain illnesses.

Unfortunately bad placed Ketu can lead to theft, defeat, disease, and injuries that are the result of wounds. The younger sister/brother of the native’s mother may be afflicted because of Ketu.

Ketu in Seventh House

Separation from the wife, as well as her being irritable, is a distinct possibility. The indigenous native would experience a lot of rages and likely stay behind with his family. Troubles and humiliations could come at a high price for him if he is dealing with the opposite sex.

Ketu’s placement in the genitals may be the result of the same Diseases that affect other locations. Ketu, the planet situated in this particular owner, owns an angle and a triangular house, both of which grants the planet major status and control over the long term.

If the fifth or ninth house is owned by the native, the native will live a long life and experience prosperity in major or sub-periods.

According to the placement of Ketu in the chart, if it is found here with the owner of the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house; or if it is found here with the owner of the second or seventh houses, it will trigger the native’s demise.

Ketu in Eighth House

Widowhood, a separation from one’s family, poverty, mental loss, and even death are brought to wife when Ketu is placed here.

In native-speaking communities, you are always embroiled in conflicts and face scorn. Ketu, the ascendant here with the eighth house’s owner or aspected by it, can make in illness for the native in any of the major or sub-periods.

If wounds arise in the rectum or anus, or if you have trouble, the possible diseases are: Accidents can meet him. It is entirely possible that he is a thief, but there is also a possibility that he has an insatiable lust for women.

If a planet placed in the eighth house is inherently evil, it can become very troublesome if it is placed there under unfavorable circumstances. Even if an excellent planet is going through a major phase, with no sambandha to the current Ketu, this phase of Ketu can still be troublesome.

Ketu is favorably positioned, and that could lead to the native enjoying a long life and amassing riches. As the native is likely to earn money abroad, they will prosper. A beneficial Ketu may be good for native life and mysticism.

He is going to succeed to unearth the secrets of the supernatural, and if he does, he will be successful to some degree. His experiences may be very sensory and he will develop superpowers.

Ketu in Ninth House

In some cultures, a native will incur the wrath of his father and the god worshiped previously. He may be unpleasant and irritable There is a trouble that your wife and children will be harmed.

However, he could be suffering from poverty, and his family might suffer elder death or his father’s demise within the major or secondary Ketu timeframe. Death may occur because Ketu is connected with or aspected by the maraka owner of the second or the seventh house in this horoscope.

The native will be extremely wealthy and fortunate if a beneficial owner of the ninth house has sambandha with Ketu. To be most associ­ated with Jupiter would mean that the native will be very learned and well-known.

The native would be a prolific writer if the association is with Mercury. Depending on where Ketu is located in the zodiac, she or he may experience accidents or injuries.

It will tell us what effects the placement of the sixth house will yield for his mother, and what results in the fifth house will have for his children.

Unfortunately, it is expected that Ketu would be good for his wife. Using the placement of the first house would provide concrete results for his father. It will be good for his elder sibling as well.

Ketu in Tenth House

Ketu can bring unsuccessful endeavors, loss of honor, and forced emigration to the native. However, if Ketu is a favorable planet for the profession, then this would also result in a fruitful career. Ketu is known to associate with a planet here, which is the owner of an angle and a triangular house.

This planet will provide strength, high status, and prosperity during the life span of its owner or the property’s long period of use.

However, Ketu is aspected by or aligned with the owner of the second or seventh house of the maraka, who causes major loss and native longevity to weaken. He would fight with his family, possibly suffering an injury to his face.

Potentially, his trouble could be affected as well, requiring surgical intervention. In terms of his debts, he will find himself in a more dire position, or he could have trouble with his enemies, lawsuits, or household staff.

The bad effects of a Ketu would also affect his father’s prosperity. When other supporting factors are present, it is possible that his mother will pass away during this time span.

Ketu’s younger sister/brother can succumb to an accident or procedure, or meet a violent death if Saturn or Mars also affects Ketu.

Ketu in Eleventh House

When Ketu is in a good place, the native will be frugal and financially prosperous. Ear disease can suffer him. His sister/brother or children could be in trouble.

The Ketu, which is aspected by the owner of an angle and a triangular house, brings with it great wealth, strength, and status. Firstborn children, particularly, are at greater life of living unmarried lives.

The eldest child of the native may be lost if Ketu, Jupiter’s malefic planet, is found in the birth map, whereas if Jupiter, the malefic planet of elders, is found, the younger sibling’s wife or sister may suffer miscarriages or the younger sibling’s second child may be lost.

The results of his placement in the ninth house will benefit his younger sister or brother, the results of his placement in the first house will benefit his elder sister or brother, the results of his placement in the eighth house will benefit his mother, the results of his placement in the seventh house will benefit his children, and the results of his placement in the third house will benefit his father.

Ketu in Twelfth House

One possible result of Ketu is that the native may experience poverty, spending, and disease during the major Ketu eras. He would be a true believer.

Ketu’s placement in the twelfth house represents a desire the native has for spiritual or supernatural things, such as learning about spirituality or the occult and is particularly likely to occur with a good fifth- or ninth-house owner.

The sudden departure of the native can occur if the ninth house’s owner is placed in the twelfth with Ketu. However, he may be able to succeed in moksha (emancipation from the cycle of birth and death).

In terms of his nature, he is probably introverted. In this trouble, the native should not be threatened by the enemies, nor should he suffer from poor life.

Ketu is now in the position of owning an unhappy home or faced by it, which makes him prone to illness during the home’s major or sub-periods. Regardless of the root cause, due to the state of his or her mother’s health, his or her mind may be in a state of disorder.

The outcomes for placement of Ketu in Houses, like in the tenth house will affect his younger sister/brother; results for placement in the ninth house will affect his mother; results for placement in the eighth house will affect his children especially his first child; results for placement in the seventh house will benefit his maternal uncle; results for placement in the sixth house will assist his wife and second child, and results for placement in the fourth house will favor his father, too.

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