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Ketu in Astrology

ketu in astrology

What is Ketu in Astrology?

Ketu in astrology is the planet of spiritual attainment. Ketu is the spiritual evolution process of constant re-increment In the belief, chāyā grah (planet) is also called Ketu (actually the wish or destiny planet) (Shadow planet).

Where the path of the Earth meets the path of the Sun, in the southern sky, there is Ketu, a mythical name for the Axis Mundi. Also, in the form of his counter-part Rahu, signifies any unexpected lucky event, especially one caused by an accident or a lottery win.

He was openly indicating that there were problems, dissatisfaction and foreign and computer/manipulative languages, as well as possible secrecy and afflictions.

He is considered foreign or religious in origin, has a mysterious disease, and he represents a fondness for those of obsession and mass disasters. Thus, he destabilizes relationships and has a propensity to cause abortions as well as other issues in families.

The effects of Ketu are less severe than those caused by Rahu. However, uncertainty and stress are more distressing than mental pain or injury.

Ketu is either worldly or spiritual, Ketu causes an amount of mild misfortune and attachment to God, both of which yield small benefit but turn an individual towards the divine.

The term “Ketu” denotes intelligence, liberation, insight, non-non-affiliation, psychic abilities, and various otherworldly wisdom. The regular veneration of Ketu removes mishaps, insect bites, and all the other measures such as the danger of accidents, while divesting of every other hazards.

An adjustment of Ketu is frequently recommended to those who suffer from both common mental measures and occasionally recurring mysterious phobias.

Meaning of Ketu in Astrology

Just like Rahu, Ketu, has also been given the label of an imaginary planet or a node. The constellations of Ashwin, Magha and Mool are governed by him. It has already been mentioned earlier, when discussing Rahu, a rather interesting story took place.

This refers to the relative terms of “north” and “south”, the mythical planetary nodes of the Nakshatra which are called “Rahu” and “Ketu”. In legend, it is believed to be the offspring of a demon.

This particular point of the South Node indicates a recent life as well as a result of one of their prior egoism, and has everything he has learned from the previous life’s experience attached to it.

There is the other side of Ketu: the desire for self-realization and success in learning the intricacies of the hidden and mystical arts.

In the Arian, Rahu and Ketu are most often found to give sudden and unusual results. Both Rahu and Ketu are manifestations of the same demonic entity.

There are 180 degrees between the two situations. A total lunar eclipse occurs when Ketu, the node, and the Sun, and the Moon are located at the same longitude. The Sun and Moon have an unusually contentious relationship with Rahu.

In terms of jobs, professional magicians, clergymen, and physicians are respectively ruled by Saturn and Ketu. All the Rahu is mysterious in a chart. Birth is shown in terms of spiritual influence, along with the karmic node that has mythical ties to it.

The constellation Rahu does not have a sign, rather, all of its stars belong to a sign moving away from the path of Ketu in a particular segment of the sky.

When considered the sign to be Sagittarius, the house of the zodiac sign that indicates a thirst for knowledge. Some scholars believe that Ketu is located in the constellation of Scorpio.

In just the same way, it is physically disabled in Cancer and predisposed to ill health in Virgo. According to astrology, Ketu is considered a powerful in the zodiacal sign of Jupiter.

Because Mercury, Venus, and Rahu make her feel comfortable, Ketu looks to Rahu for the order and justice that he is missing. Jupiter is neither positive nor negative with respect to Ketu.

His mortal enemies are the planet Mars, the Sun, and the Moon. In Hindu astrology, Ketu is famous for spiritual planets. When one devotes oneself to contemplating the celestial bodies, one becomes spiritual.

Furthermore, his other interests show an interest in the areas of magic and the supernatural, particularly the areas of angels and the haunting of those in libraries. Although these individuals are believed to be more powerful than spiritual or able to affect healing, it is nevertheless essential to pursue medical training.

After 7 Ketu has completed his time of meditation, he will return. He is not unlike a diamond, his gemstone is a cat’s eye (Lahsunia). Ketu, when situated well in a horoscope, will be the person of many forms of both luxury and wisdom for someone. If he complains too much, he negatively affects concentration, and brings stress, along with his own ghosts with him.

Significations of Ketu

Names of Ketu: Dhuma, Mrityuputra, Anala, Shikhi, and Dhvaj are some of the other names of Ketu.

Nature:Anthill, blue bodied, forester, horrible, fearful, intelligent, Jeeva (zoetic, animate) planet, smoky, strong in second half of Sagittarius, resides in corner of house, red and fierce look, venomous tongue, elevated body, armed, an outcast, inhaling smoke constantly, lean, bruised limbs, malicious, darkness, malefic (material), benefic (spiritual), powerful at night, during calamity

Ketu gave birth to the Fish, God’s incarnation. It was a combined incarnation of Jeevamsa and Parmatmansa (the Absolute Spirit).

Deity:Brahma is a Hindu god. Ketu is ruled by Chinna Mastaka Devi and Ganapati.

Relatives:Grandfather of the son and grandmother of the mother.

Human Body: Pineal glands, pituitary body, nervous system

Diseases:Tumors, windy and phlegmatic conditions, flu, being susceptible to colds, tuberculosis, wind, madness, speech defects, diagnostic misunderstanding, surgery, illness, eruptive fevers, helminthiasis (intestinal parasites), deafness: Ketu causes all of Rahu’s afflictions. In addition to battlefield deaths, wounds, highly infectious epidemics, cancer, leprosy, madness, poisoning, decay and destruction, disease, sickness, and eruptions.

Dangers:Disputes with Brahmins and Kshatriyas, as well as rivals, cause problems.

Persons: Traitors, butchers, cave dwellers; rich, mad, valorous, stupid, irreligious, cantankerous, generous people; intent on hearing others; mistakes, adulterers, hybrid caste, trouble to enemies.

Professions:A successful businessman, a doctor, a philosopher, and a literary genius.

Actions:Swindling, terrorism, pilgrimage, quarrels, separation, spiritual initiation, war, moral fall, redemption, incarceration, treachery, intrigues, deceit, assassinations, immoral practices, gambling, slaughter, butchery, murdering, dacoity, slavery in a foreign land, extreme penalties or retribution, unexpected mishaps, demoralization, self-immolation.

Abstracts: Asceticism, superstitious devotion, carnality, blockade or barrier, sectarian principles, sudden success or failure, religious resignation, barrier, obstacle, hindrance, retrogression, pause, devastation, sleep, dreaming, intelligence, blockade in war, sudden success or failure, Moksha, asceticism, superstitious devotion, carnality, blockade or barrier

Plant Life: Horse gram.

Objects: Mud vessel, a multicolored cloth, filth, a crown, a sceptre as a symbol of monarchy, and a trophy as a symbol of victory

Places: Deserts, forts on hills. Parvata is a Sanskrit word that means (Afghanistan).

Skills: Technology, medicine, foreign languages, and omen skills.

Ketu Traits in Astrology

Its head is serpentine. The head of a normal human being is severed. It is tamasik and stands tall in smoke-colored grey clothing. Its mode of transportation is a rat.

It is a malefic world by accident. If it isn’t influenced by another planet, it behaves like Mars.

Its RELATIONSHIP with other planets is as follows:

Friendly withMars, Venus, Saturn
Neutral to Mercury, Jupiter
Inimical toSun, Moon
Ketu Planet Relations

Ketu is exalted in Scorpio, has Sagittarius as its mooltrikona seal, and owns Scorpio, according to Brihat Parasar Hora Sastra.

Ketu is the KARAKA for the following:

Moksha, witchcraft, and causing problems for enemies

Ketu Represents the following:

   (i) Wounds, accidents, fights, intrigues, backbiting, death, liberation, burning, tuberculosis, cholera, fever, pain, paternal grandmother, maternal grandfather

  (ii) Seer, enmity, rage, doubt, narrow-mindedness, desire, loneliness, lack of self-confidence, occult, charms, and amulets are all terms used to describe spiritual initiation and creation.

The SUN, which reflects the self, is obstructed and darkened by Ketu. The native would encounter sudden and unforeseen difficulties in his efforts if Ketu affects the Sun through association or aspect. He might lose money on speculation and spend a lot of money.

His children can cause him problems if they become ill from time to time. He may not have faith in himself. He or his father could be involved in an accident or become ill.

The native may feel drained of energy and tired. He may be rash and defiant of authority. He will face opposition from the government, his colleagues, and unanticipated sources.

If Ketu is a good planet for the ascendant, these problems will be greatly reduced, and if the Sun is also a good planet for the ascendant, the native will have excellent results in the areas listed above. See paragraph 38 above under Rahu for more details.

As a result of Ketu’s influence on the Moon, depressed emotional states, melancholia, pessimism, rage, a violent state of mind, alcoholism, drug use, and a fascination with the macabre are common.

During the major or sub-periods of Ketu, the native is likely to have problems with his mother, or she may become severely ill or have an accident.

Women could be hostile to the native, or he could be morbidly drawn to them as sex objects. He may also have issues with his property and residence. He may be the target of public wrath. See paragraph 38 above under Rahu for more details.

Mars’s conjunction with Ketu causes an individual to become enraged and aggressive, as well as prone to accidents. Mars in the fourth house conjoined with Ketu causes harm to the native through his son, arms, or disease, as well as the death of the native’s wife and loss of wealth.

The Ketu major or sub-periods, on the other hand, will be beneficial towards the end. A sambandha in the fifth house could lead in an early love affair, baldness, or multiple marriages.

Ketu’s association with Mercury produces the same results as rain.

Unless there is a beneficial angle on Ketu and Jupiter, their relation anywhere in the horoscope is bad for the affairs of the house where these two planets are located.

Ketu has a bad relation with Venus. It makes the native into a sexual pervert.

The successes and results of Ketu major or sub-periods are only temporary. It takes away everything it has previously given at the end of its major or sub-periods.

If the owner of a naturally beneficial planet is put in a house with Ketu, that house will be extremely strong.

During its major or sub-periods, Ketu placed in a triangle and associated with the owner of an angle, or placed in an angle and associated with the owner of a triangular house, will bring high status and prosperity.

The native will have a high status and prosperity during the major or sub-periods of Ketu if the owner of an angle and a triangular house has relation with or aspects Ketu in a common sign or its disposition.

If the owner of the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house is also involved, the outcome will be significantly diluted, and the native’s mother will face a great deal of trouble during this major or sub-period.

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