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Jennifer Adams Online Tarot Reader

Jennifer Adams Online Tarot Reader

jennifer adams tarot reader
Jennifer Adams Tarot Reader

The tarot is one of the most popular forms of divination today. It is based on choosing cards randomly from a deck of seventy-eight cards and laying them out in various patterns – which are known as spreads.

Jennifer has been practicing Tarot for more than twelve years. She will do the reading from a psychological and spiritual point of view, which will make the reading more meaningful. She will answer all of your questions.

It’s only human nature to want to know what the future holds for us – romance? Wealth? Happiness? – And every year thousands of people turn to fortune-tellers to provide them with some glimpse of things to come.

An interpretation – called a reading – of the cards in the spread gives answers to the questions that have been asked.

The Tarot can answer not only the simple questions but also the deeper questions that ultimately direct your life. The Tarot is a key and where there’s a key, there is a door. Somewhere on the other side of this particular door, you will find the answers to all your questions, whether simple or complex, spiritual or mundane.

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The following should be kept in mind while asking the question:

  1. The questioner should be completely honest while asking the question.
  2. He/she should ask with full concentration, any distractions while asking will lead to wrong answers.
  3. There should be no noise pollution (TV or Radio) around the questioner while asking the question.

The readings will be done in two formats:

  1. Simple reading relating to only one problem: Rs. 1100/-  (US $20).
  2. Multiple questions relating to more than one problem: Rs. 1500 – (US $30).

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